Monday, February 28, 2011


The road to woods
Led to the moon
Stayed a Blonde
Looking for a mound

The white spread
Coverting all the white
Might the silver gleam

Sighted him bleak
Lost was his life
In the cloth of white
Eyes grew red
But none befriended

Gazing at the white disk
Up in the mist
Laid his Miss
Against his wish

Nymph cried
Seeing him grey
Blew hard the winds
Rained heavily the clouds
The havoc played well

Lost in her
Sitting over the mound
Was oblivious to the roar

Saw then her
Amidst the roaring water
Paying no heed to the screech
Paced towards the white gleam
Sleekly embraced her
Now and forever

Keeping the promise
She graced him white
Bracing him tight
Got lost in the woods
Tinging white with the woods.

Friday, February 25, 2011


The dorm remained abandoned
For there was no one who cranked
Creepers creeped upto the rose- tinted glass
Sun light was trammelled for hours
Hour on hours, second on seconds
The door wished for a knock
The mullion of the window
Seemed to have got mumps.

Utter peace, pin drop silence
This is what it never wished for
The door hated this serenity
Wished for the same thumps again
Cried for the merry bombs again
Waiting for some throbs again.

Dusk and dawn went by
The door stood by
Sweltering in May
Sprinkling in July
Shivering in December
Spring in April
But the door just stood still.

One feb. something tickled
The door opened up groggily
Hindered the enterance
But a pace made through the way
And got printed over the dark dusty film
Door tried to gain the senses
After a long census.

Joy knew no bounds
Sensed the same thumps again
Those throbs returned back
Unveiling the dusty cover
Spread the lovely shower.

Time bounced back to bon- bon
Destiny opened up the box
Music poured in the gleam
Golden cookies got baked again
Smell blew ascent
Spreading everywhere scent.

Dorm got bonvivant
Door got perked
Calmness prevailed
Conquering the credence
Of perpetual gaiety
Brimming fervour
Once again rosy tints got brewed up by the sun.

Monday, February 21, 2011


After the evening workout, I was relaxing myself. Just pondering over the little yellow-orange clock squatted over my study table. I just wondered how perpetually it has been working without any hiatus. The quick- quick secon hand , red in colour swivelled round each and every embedded digit for once and again.

If you ask someone, "What are your hobbies??". Surely he/she will enlist a number of activities like cooking, gardening, drawing, reading, gossiping, dancing, singing and a lot more.

But if the same question is thrown to me, it leaves me stupefied. It seems I have to scramble through my activities to credit one of them as my passion. But to be veracious I'm hardly occupied with any of the freaking passion. Everything seems to be the sane, only differentiated by name and my involvement (ofcourse the least one :/)

Being an engineering student, I have learnt well in three years how to fool the examiner (:P). So there is not much to read. Just a few night fights makes the war over.

After being thrown out of the hostel, as our so called GOVERNMENT ENGINEERING COLLEGE, AJMER doesn't have its own campus hostel, so it hires a few private hostels in the city (Ajmer) and enrolls the first year students. And just after a year they are spurned out with disdain. But I badly miss my hostel life. All those pretty pranks still crank me up.

So, now having walked half the mile, I'm standing in the penultimate shell ( second last shell of an atomic structure). I'm eagerly waiting to get into the valence shell and get relented to the nuclear attraction .(sorry for being a bit geek.. :P)

Though in a span of 17-18 months I will be called ENGINEER but this thought just leaves me abandon. What I have got till now?? What new I learnt?? Just one word answer - NOTHING. I'm afraid of this answer if it will really engulf me in its nothingness????
Well!! seeing my peers also suffering from this NOTHINGNESS makes me feel solace. I'm still a part of the graduation pursuing society (sheepish smile).

The gadget beeped up. It opened up a text from AIRCEL. So I was taken back from the past time machine to the present.I guess now you must hav got WHAT IS MY HOBBY??? Just to catch up with any thought in bewilderment and getting lost to somewhere in trance(quite inexplicable).
The three hands of my clock were still ticking. The red second hand was still nudging each digit . thinking of the myriad tickles of the clock till now , I calmly sauntered with the drawl Tick.. Tock.. Tick.. Tock..

Friday, February 18, 2011


I take the opportunity to express my deep gratitude towards the sweet little lamps who have been constantly present to enlighten my darken lane.

Time comes when success hugs me.
Time comes when failure slaps me.
Time comes when I party hard.
Time comes when I cry hard.
Time plays HIDE 'N' SEEK with me.
But these tiny- winy lamps always mark their remarkable presence. Just a small glow lits me up in every mood. They have always kept themselves glowing ardently against all the heinous winds. Being absolutely naive to the dreadly flagrant waves, they kept my path visible. I bow down to their perseverance.

I had read an anecdote in my school days. It follows as:-
After the creation of this world different tasks had been given to Gods and Goddess. The work of lightning this world was given to the sun. When the evening approached the setting sun asked " Who will take up my work of dispelling darkness and enlightening this world??".
Having heard of this impeccable task, the whole world stood speechless. Then a little earthen lamp just said "As much as is possible for me, I shall certainly do that much!!".

Gottcha!! How a jotted lamp solves a tusk problem in a quick. Exactly the same way, my life is endeavoured with my sun - my parents. But as the dusk approaches I get busy in subduing the darkness. But when some earthen lamps are present beside me to shed away the darkness,life is bliss. I'm indeed indebted beneath the mighty shadow of these mini wands.:D

It gives me immense pleasure to place these earthen lamps as the beacon over my roof. But practically it is not possible { poor me :'(:'(}. I cant bind them to stay by the side of my pavement for a long. But still they have always soared up in my greys. Stroking these lamps with personification , they are those who are for sure present in everyone's book. These are my honourable teachers, cool colleagues, frenzy friends, worthy mentors and a few strangers who met me the way accidentally and turned out to be pea - jacket.
Keep blessing me my deary lamps. :):)

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Smile on one's face prompts other to smile back. Sometimes its a sign of merry, sometimes of a approval. It may be the result of some crap.But overall it makes us feel juvenile, more happy , more joyous.

Here I write down the first poem of my life. Though I don't know how exactly the verses are composed but I have tried my best.
Here it follows :-

Gone are those days,
When she dropped me to the way. {MOTHER}
My eyes were full of tears,
Her lips were full of cheers,
I clinged her wrist tight,
She pointed to the path right.
I turned back to see her for a while,
She waved me a good bye.
With heavy heart I stepped ahead,
With perturbed heart she drove back.

I entered under the same roof again,
She welcomed me with a smile. {FRIEND}
I gazed at her ring for a while.
She holded my hand
And made me seat.
I laid my heavy bag down,
Thinking of the pink clown,
Which I saw on the stage,
Spreading smile on everyones' face.

Suddenly a stick banged over desk,
I returned from clown to my bag.
Miss asked to open the Literature Reader,
I turned up the page to THE LOST CHILD.
She pointed to the girl next to me,
She stood up and started humming.

I didn't listen to her words,
And got lost to my clowny world.
How pretty his red nose looked,
How charming his big eyes moved,
But his wide smile seemed clowny,
Perhaps he had hidden his melancholy.
Still he continued to spread the smile,
To make masses alive across a few mile.

She pinched me to listen her,
I sailed back to the reader.
Still my heart pumped for him,
I waited for the bell to ring.

The school was over,
The children rushed over.
But I sat back,
Lost in the pack.

On the way to home,
I was not excited to meet my mom,
Just wished for his true smile.
I wished to meet him once again,
God listened me and shared my path with him.

The conical cap stood high amid the flock,
I pranced high in my frock.
Rushed to the clown crossing the palms,
But what I saw answered my soul.
The clowny smile of the clown,
Was all the game of dawn.
Dusk brought his mom ill,
Dusted the dawn with her veil.
She laid silent on the overhead cot,
Made my clown to carry the hot pot,
I cried a lot.

Clown taught me one thing,
Never show your sad face to this world,
If so, they will make fun of you.
Just wear a smile,
Hiding your pail of tears.
You will win one's heart,
Prizing you the king award.
So let the days pass by,
But dont let your smile to fade by.
So Make Smile everyone
To make A SMILE for you.

:-) :-)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.
This was the key statement of Newton's 3rd law which we studied in our secondary classes.

Hey!!!what are you thinking??? Don't imagine me as a Physics teacher. I'm not gonna teach you any fundamental laws to score high (winking at my LCD :>)
It's just to describe the pair of action- reaction at my advent to the BLOGGER.

Yesterday I posted my very first blog for which I had been spunning the scattered thoughts hard into a perfectly carved out picturesque wordart from a very long period. Finally I got the frame of "BLOGGER" to hang it in front of you.

I was very excited to get this public platform. Thought as if now I'm the only speaker and the audience will surely eulogize my sensitive words. Its very necessary to feel the words to get to the depth of their true meaning.
Its my passion to play with the words, explore out new tangy tokens and infact be the author of some preety tacky text. Perhaps this wordart is in my veins. The only innate skill which I'm proud of. Truly, these words are just like my friends, my companion who are always beside me to express my happiness, to wail at distressed stuffs, to cry for my possession, to show gratitude for my dear ones and even to silently curse some morons.(lolz :D) Even my identity SURBHI BAFNA is itself well depicted by these cozy words.

I'm in love with these alphabets, these words, these dumb but expressive texts. Yeah!! truly these tiny-winy words made my life more charming, more expressive and eternally satisfied my soul.

It's not that only I love them. They love me too. Whenever I sit down to write out my diary or any article, these very words wander in bewilderment oveer my brainy stage. Juxtaposed to each other,these hurl up to get place in my page.

I feel like the driver of a long red-painted train carrying finite bogies. I pause at every junction and these colourful words in a hustle - bustle rush to board up my train.
Seems quite funny na!!!!
But its the truth. These lexical units struggle amongst themselves to reach me and being a quite sensible Homo Sapien I give due regards to all of them and get them sheltered in my page.

These lexical units, tokens, words or say my love(winking at myself..hehehe:>) love to be loved by the readers. Its not so easy to catch hold of them, feel them, understand them and providing them their WORD RIGHTS (like human Rights). But trust me if you heartedly wish yourself to enjoy the company of these tokens, just be their apprentice.
It's not shameful to bow down your head in front of some highly acknowledged personnel to personate your identity as a remarkable one in the society. Infact it is good to keep incarnating yourself in all the appreciable faces you see around yourself.

Some of my readers complained about the loaded vocabulary. Some doubted if I have copied down the text from somewhere. Some said I should pen down casually and bla.. bla..

I think now it might have cleared all your doubts. This tacty skill is natural. I can't halp it out. Even if I want , then too I can't stop myself from using these lovely( which you call bouncer) words.Because when I express my views I need the very correct word to depict what exactly I feel.It would not be wrong to say that these words are the clear reflection of my thoughts. So,it's my humble request to all my readers to slightly scratch up their heads to get into this wordart lane. I'm sure when you will start loving them, these friendly words will tightly hold your hand and never let you go off.

Well!! I'm thankful to all those who read my text, appreciated me , criticized me and to be veracious provided me with a new zeal to keep penning down.
So, that was all to explain myself through my words. Hope you all cherish these tiny- winy lovely tokens. :-):-)