Friday, February 25, 2011


The dorm remained abandoned
For there was no one who cranked
Creepers creeped upto the rose- tinted glass
Sun light was trammelled for hours
Hour on hours, second on seconds
The door wished for a knock
The mullion of the window
Seemed to have got mumps.

Utter peace, pin drop silence
This is what it never wished for
The door hated this serenity
Wished for the same thumps again
Cried for the merry bombs again
Waiting for some throbs again.

Dusk and dawn went by
The door stood by
Sweltering in May
Sprinkling in July
Shivering in December
Spring in April
But the door just stood still.

One feb. something tickled
The door opened up groggily
Hindered the enterance
But a pace made through the way
And got printed over the dark dusty film
Door tried to gain the senses
After a long census.

Joy knew no bounds
Sensed the same thumps again
Those throbs returned back
Unveiling the dusty cover
Spread the lovely shower.

Time bounced back to bon- bon
Destiny opened up the box
Music poured in the gleam
Golden cookies got baked again
Smell blew ascent
Spreading everywhere scent.

Dorm got bonvivant
Door got perked
Calmness prevailed
Conquering the credence
Of perpetual gaiety
Brimming fervour
Once again rosy tints got brewed up by the sun.


  1. so know u got that life is like a
    sinosudial wave

    why r u tryin hard for poetry???
    STUNTING....... is not for minors

  2. Perhaps because I love minor pitfalls
    getting me to the pavement of pioneer!!!!!!!!!

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  4. Stepping stone carve the way to success

  5. Let me step on the stone lying on the path to my shot!!!

  6. ya go ahead
    when it cum ot writting dont use the
    words delibrately
    u have alredy proved your word power...:-)

  7. You write so well....I have subscribed to your blog now, so as to get an email notification everytime you wield your magic pen. :)


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