Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Beneath the giant wheel,
Stood a man in green.
Holding the bright balloons upright,
He blew the piper-pipe. 

Red,Yellow,Green and Blue,
Danced to the music in crew.
Tied with the strings tight,
They glided to left to right.

Merry-making was the Balloon family,
Until a child came to the man-slender.
Choosing the blue balloon,
He drived the balloons into gloom.

Red was the mother,            
Yellow was the father.
Green was the brother,
Of the Balloon Blue.

Green twirled his string,
Around the neck of blue.
Red caressed his head,
And Yellow stared at the child below.

The man disentangled the entangled
Strings of the Green and the Blue.
Moving aside the Red and Yellow,
He pulled out the string of Blue.

The Blue swayed hard,
Against the movement of man's hand.
The wind was still,
The balloons were raging.

Red ,Yellow and Green looked dull,
The man dusted for the gloss.
It was the dust of departure,                                                                          
Reigning the Balloon family.

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