Thursday, January 31, 2013

And He left for HIS Home

Unaware of the deadly Cancer he was in the best of his spirits.
Restlessly engrossed in his daily chores from dawn to dusk,
Making every effort to make a deal in profit ,
Calling his wife in the most amatory voice at the morning cup of tea,
Embrassing his grand-daughter to cast off his weary soul to a juvenile one,
Cheering Cricket Team of India at the loudest of his pitch.
Went his each day at just another day but was actually One more lucky day.
In his 50's he was more of a twenty.
Full of energy and vigour he was
That even the venom cringed into just a lump in lung.

Late 2012 he winced in pain
Was carried to docs to bring some relief
Went under the magnanimous machines
Vein blockage- said the report
An urgent operation -said the docs
Couldn't look through the greedy soul
Wanted just bucks to guise him sooth
A wrong operation brought everyone to worry
Cursing the saviour-turned-monster
Went to another human-God
Who assured to restore health
At the cost of a Little wealth
Were trapped by another mongoose
Came to know the lump was pinched
Spread the infection at every inch
Pay Doc and Take home
Sorry! That's all we could do.

Heck! an innocent had to pay for the guilty
Eight more days cringing and flinching
But all at the mute tone
Didn't let anyone know how much he cribbed
A promising smile - I'll come back
Laid on his face till the end.
A heavy breath on January 12 ahh
And he left for HIS home
Leaving his home
Knocked HIS door
To rest in peace.
Leaving us all.
Staring at the dark sky today
"Here I'm", says one twinkle
To cheer up every crinkle.

Hioy'oy Hoi Polloi


  1. Gosh! That's splendid read. Doctors are like that, both inhuman and greedy.You nicely portray the pains of a cancer patient and the wretched deportment of doctors.

    1. Indeed a true tale. I'll be soon posting about the inhumane behaviour of people at the mourning ceremony. A total heart-wrenching experience. :(


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