Wednesday, February 27, 2013

55 Fiction - Eyes

Dr. Smita shut the door behind her. The little child was finally relieved from the pain.
Dr. Sushant  was waiting for her at lunch. He complimented her as she sat beside him, “Your eyes are looking so beautiful today”.
The weather always turns pleasant after the rains”, she said with her eyelids bowing down.
Hioy'oy Hoi Polloi

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


I was born silent in the dorm room
My life started racing soon.

I was enjoying in the cradle
When my life started pedalling the tricycle.

I was sent to the school
My life carried the bulky bag blue.

I went to the exam-hall each time
When my life scribbled the answer sheets in time.

I stopped seeing the hurdles hurtling my way
My life kept them all at bay.

I snapped when my friend turned foe
Then my life befriended my soul.

I cried when I lost my love
My life smiled making me love my heart.

I craved for happiness in my bag
When my life bought me some gags.

I went to the pool so cool
Where my life poured out all my blues.

I sat for a while to look at the sky
When my life chuckled to sail high.
One day I asked, “What do you want my Life??”
My life said,” I’m so smooth to slip away.
I’m so fragile to break away.
Don’t just sit, Don’t just pinch.
Move with me, Dance with me.
For I may not be with you tomorrow.”

That day I said,” Life is all about moving on.”
When my life was breathing hard at the ventilator ON.

Hioy'oy Hoi Polloi

Sunday, February 24, 2013

CHANAKYA'S New Manifesto -Book Review

About the book
Title: Chanakya's- New Manifesto to resolve the crisis within India.
Author: Pavan K. Varma
Publisher: Aleph Book Company
ISBN: 978-93-82277-09-5
No. of Pages: 248
Price : 295 INR
Genre: Non-fiction

About the Author
Pavan K. Varma,studied history at St. Stephen College, New delhi and took a degree in law from Delhi  University.He has been press secretary to the president of India, official spokesman of the Foreign Office, director general of the Indian Council for Cultural Relations, and India's ambassador to Bhutan. Having taken premature retirement from the Indian Foreign Service, he now seeks to be actively involved in public life.
Pavan K. Varma has authored several acclaimed and bestselling books, among them, Ghalib: The Man, The Times; Krishna: The Playful Divine; The Great Indian Middle Class; Being Indian: The truth about why the 21st century will be India's; Becoming Indian: The Unfinished Revolution of Culture and Identity and When Loss is Gain. He has also translated into English the poetry of Gulzar, Kaifi Azmi and Atal Bihari Vajpayee.
The Cover Speaks
The pitch metallic black cover with title embossed in chalk-white pleases the reader's eyes.
"Chanakya's New Manifesto proposes a comprehensive blueprint for change. We caanot continue as we are, and must gather the resolve to bring in effective governance, a true democracy, a corruption-free State, a security-conscious nation and an inclusive society. If we fail, India may never succeed. Our future is at stake."
The book analyzes the multiple challenges the country is facing today and proposes clear and unambiguous solutions to them.
Chanakya (c.380-270 BCE) was classical India's greatest thinker and teacher. Through his unparalleled ability to devise result-oriented military, political, and administrative strategy, he overthrew one king, crowned another and paved the way for the establishment of India's first great empire. His seminal work, the Arthashashtra, arguably the world's first comprehensive treatise on statecraft and governance, was written approximately two thousand years before Machiavelli's The Prince.
What would Chanakya do if confronted with the various crises that beset contemporary India? Using this question as the starting point for his new book, celebrated writer and thinker Pavan K. Varma has drawn up a practical and detailed plan, modelled on the Arthashashtra, to bring about reform and change in five key areas that require urgent attention governance, democracy, corruption, security, and the building of an inclusive society. Whether it is laying the foundation for an independent and effective Lokpal, or decriminalizing politics and successfully weeding out the corrupt, the solutions he proposes are substantive, well within the constitutional framework, and can make all the difference between intent and action.
Chanakya's New Manifesto is both a call to action as well as a deeply insightful account of the challenges facing the country today. It is a book that should be attentively read by everybody with a stake in India's future.

Book Review
The book has been written in an effective and clear language. Some hindi words such as 'moulik soch' (p-14), 'dharma'(p-128) etc have been used to give it an Indian touch. The book encompasses seven chapters.
Chapter 1- The Crisisdeals with the five major problems the country is facing today. Governance, Democracy, Corruption, Security, Building an inclusive society. The author has explained each of the problem at length.
Chapter 2- 1947 and After, deals with the scenario of the country after independence. Varma provides a detailed history of each and every event that led to the modern India.
Chapter 3 - Governance, deals with the problem of the inability to govern and unstable government. At the end, the author provides a fifty-point manifesto to control the aggravating situation.
Chapter 4- Democracy, looks through the real democracy and the one we are living in. Varma profoundly states how democratic we are?the trench our democracy has fallen into. An eighty-seven point manifesto is provided for feeding a democratic nation with democracy.
Chapter 5- Corruption, the much talked about topic covers hundred and eleven points in its manifesto.
Chapter 6- Security, talks of the nation's security in depth followed by a fifty-eight point manifesto.
Chapter 7- The creation of an inclusive society, states that citizens need to be more social and aware of their responsibilities and rights. A fourty-one point  detailed manifesto has been provided at the end. A typo error is noticed on p-227, the word 'states' should be used once only.
In A Nutshell
The book is worth to read to know more about our contemporary India, understand its problems discussed in detail and then look for our duty to bring forth a change in the nation we are living.Pavan Kumar has invested much of his energy in the compilation of this book which is easily noticeable when one goes through the detailed manifesto. So, I would ask all the readers to grab your copy soon, delve on the issues and bring about a change in our India.
My Rating
Hioy'oy Hoi Polloi

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Listen to your heart..

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A bright sunny day with my yearning eyes to see her nearly after a week and my heart lost in the past impressions gave me the strength to stand for an hour while waiting for her train.

With headphones plugged in my ears, some music striking the ear drums, my mind was asking my heart “Why ??? why???”

And heart was trying its best to mollify the indignantly stubborn mind.

Mind- “Why did she broke the parapet of trust??”

Heart- “It just seems she has broken. Perhaps she is just checking the endurance of trust??”.

Mind- “What rubbish?? Is this the way to check something so fragile??.

Heart- “If trust is fragile, then make it strong like diamond so that it embellishes your bonding”.

Mind- “ Cease the stream of your gyaan. She has spurned my love, my care for her.”

Heart-“ Who in this world disdains true affection?? It’s just another of your illusion”.

Mind-“People like her are born to hurt, born to mock, born to kick off selfless hearts.”

Heart- “She is good at heart. Give her another chance”.

Mind-“Even a murderer is good at heart. Give her one more chance to hit me. One more chance to aggravate the bruises. Sorry Boss!”.

Heart- “Then why are you here? You are here because you still care for her.”

Mind- Silence… silence.
Heart-“You are here to catch her glimpse. You are here to quench your eyes which missed her from a week. You are here to welcome her. You are here because she is still your best friend.”
Mind- “Grrrrrr… Shut up! I’m here to break off all relations with her. I’m here to never meet her again.”
Heart- (chuckles) “You are here just to meet her again”.

Mind- (getting red with blood seething in anger).

The vendors buzzed at the highest of their pitch to sell their eatables.
Chaiii ! Chaaii ! Kachori ! Samosa!
My heart and mind put a hiatus to the debate as the train reached platform no. 5.

The passengers were stepping in and out. Some were rushing to get a free space for their hereafter journey. Some were grappling with their luggage to get off the board. A hullaballoo all around.
She was nowhere to be seen.
But she was to come today only. I had heard her new roomie talking over the phone while I was stirring the coffee”, my heart worriedly said.
“There she is”, mind said after searching and scanning thousands of faces and luggage.
 She carried here blue bag as usual- her trace mark.  She looked pretty as always. Her tresses were flowing in the gentle breeze with her one hand wrestling with the luggage, while the other adorning the new i-phone.

The model is back. Look how is she walking as if doing catwalk on some ramp”, mind angrily said.
She always carried herself this way only, didn’t she??”,Heart was ready with the answers.

I hid myself behind a zombie man just to elude her vision.

It seems as if you are stalking her”, heart quipped.
“Why would I stalk her?? She is no Middleton”, mind retorted back.

She headed towards the stairs to cross the junction. I appeared behind her and walked coolly as if I’m in some public park. The music was still buzzing but I hardly remember which song the music player was playing.
Just then a goon looking more of a sub-urban followed her closely. She was still treading carefree. The lummox nudged her at the elbow. She just avoided and quickened her steps.
My heart was saying “Yes” but my head was saying “No”.

The boy started whistling.
My heart was saying, “Go help her”.

My mind was saying, “No ! don’t jump in the fire. You too can get burnt. After all you are also a girl”.
The goon started taking the advantage of the hustle-bustle and teased her again, tickled her again.
At this moment, my mind and my heart joined hands and I moved ahead pushing  behind the fish market. Now I was close enough to both of them. The nuisance oaf touched her beautiful hair this time. She cringed and I fumed. I got hold of his very hand and slapped his rough cheek.

Slap! Slap!Slap!

The fish market around us froze. Everyone was looking at three of us.

“Dare not to stalk her again”, I yelled at him.
She turned behind. And looked straight into my eyes but I just stepped down without meeting her for the last time. I was out of the station within a few minutes. I called for an auto. As I sat, way back to my hostel, this time I actually listened to the song playing in my ears.
There are so many temptations in the crazy world today,
And there are so many people tryin' to lead you astray,
Whenever you're confused about all the things you see,
You can't tell a friend from the enemy.
Listen to your heart,
It knows right from wrong,
Let it guide you,
Listen to your heart,
It will make you strong,
Look inside of yourself and listen,
Listen to your heart,
Listen to your heart.

Hioy'oy Hoi Polloi

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Friday, February 22, 2013

Go Peppy With Me!!!

As I write this 50th post, I feel extremely delighted to buy myself a little corner in this blogger world. I extend my heartfelt thanks to all my friends, readers and co-bloggers for scratching their head, pulling their hair and biting their nails to get hold of my cosy darling words. So, at this grand occasion I’m throwing a peppy party.
I heartedly invite you to mark your gracious presence and trip
the light fantastic toe to some snappy music and go wordy-mad.
Time : Anytime
Venue: You have already stepped in. Just scroll down straight.
R.S.V.P. Surbhi Bafna
Young guns: Pleazze do kum and let us daance togaather.
ZThe journey has begun
     for all dear bloggers
            To blog as ‘ONE’. Z
The party has begun!!!
º²Common everybody Let’s Party ²º
åChampagne- the bubbly
Hello!!! Blog bunnies!
Setting the party into mood, here I uncork myself.
Whooaaaa !!!!
Dunk yourself in my froth sparkle.
Common!! I’m not whisky.
Sip me and immerse yourself in the party.
¯ DJ-Tune to 'We are the World'.
Wordie-the waiter: Ma’am, this link please.
Ω ∂ ∏ † ∫ Š 0
I Cake-the granny
Akhooo Akoooo
W-e-L-c-O-m-E my dear Bloggers!!!
Akhooo Akhooo
My child Vivacious Puerile has groen 50 posts old.
 Bless the freak to accommodate plethora of posts.
Your support, your appreciation, your criticism, your silent stalking (reading without commenting), your Bunnyship made her more and more inclined to words.
So, here I cut myself into pieces to sweeten your tongues. Don’t worry! I’m eggless. I I I
¯ DJ- Tune to 'Shape of my heart'.
Wordy-the waitress: Sir, this link please.
Ω ∂ ∏ † ∫ Š 0
Muffin-the muncher
Hey Bunnies!!!
Give me a high-five.
You all guys rock in Blogger world. Yuuhooooo.
This party is thrown for all of you, young and old, girls and boys to munch me and say Violaaaa!
Keep dropping your comments on this space. ä ä ä
¯ DJ- Tune to 'Heaven Sent'.
Wordie-the waiter: Dame ,this link please.
Ω ∂ ∏ † ∫ Š 0
¥ Rasmalai-the rosy
Namaste Bloggers!!!
I’m here to add sweetness to your Bunnyship.
A malai ball soaked in Saffron milk is the traditional way of greeting guests. So, here I’m. Gulp me. Don’t worry Lady! I’m sugar free. I won’t add calories to your diet. ¥ ¥ ¥
¯ DJ- Tune to 'Tere jaisa yaar kahan'.
Wordy-the waitress: Dude ,this link please.
Ω ∂ ∏ † ∫ Š 0
% Latte- the hot
Hiiiii boys! Heyy Girls!!!
It’s a bit cold here. So common grab me and pour the hot froth steamed espresso into your throat. Wooooow!!!!
That’s like Bunnies.
I like it when you guys talk of some hot burning issues. Keep penning the hot issues and spread the word. % % %
¯ DJ- Tune to 'You light up My life'.
Wordie-the waiter: Ma’am ,this link please.
Ω ∂ ∏ † ∫ Š 0
, Kurkure- the Chilly
Hola Hola Bloggers!
You have had much of the sweets today. Now common crunch me.
Tedha hai, per mera hai.
I wish all you Bunnies stay a family till the triumph of Blogger cosmo prevails. , , ,
¯ DJ- Tune to 'Zooby dooby Zooby dooby'.
Wordy-the waitress: Sir ,this link please.
Ω ∂ ∏ † ∫ Š 0
eTic-Tac-the Mouth Freshner
Adios Blog Buddies.
Put me below your tongue and write up a fresh minty gloss of this vivacious party.
Keep posting fresh and vivid. e e e
¯ DJ- Tune to 'Kabhi Alvida na Kehna'.
Wordie-the waiter: Dame ,this link please.
Ω ∂ ∏ † ∫ Š 0
P.S. The party is still buzzing. Send your fellow Bloggers to this space. Let all the Bunnies buzz together.
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Hioy'oy Hoi Polloi