Friday, February 22, 2013

Go Peppy With Me!!!

As I write this 50th post, I feel extremely delighted to buy myself a little corner in this blogger world. I extend my heartfelt thanks to all my friends, readers and co-bloggers for scratching their head, pulling their hair and biting their nails to get hold of my cosy darling words. So, at this grand occasion I’m throwing a peppy party.
I heartedly invite you to mark your gracious presence and trip
the light fantastic toe to some snappy music and go wordy-mad.
Time : Anytime
Venue: You have already stepped in. Just scroll down straight.
R.S.V.P. Surbhi Bafna
Young guns: Pleazze do kum and let us daance togaather.
ZThe journey has begun
     for all dear bloggers
            To blog as ‘ONE’. Z
The party has begun!!!
º²Common everybody Let’s Party ²º
åChampagne- the bubbly
Hello!!! Blog bunnies!
Setting the party into mood, here I uncork myself.
Whooaaaa !!!!
Dunk yourself in my froth sparkle.
Common!! I’m not whisky.
Sip me and immerse yourself in the party.
¯ DJ-Tune to 'We are the World'.
Wordie-the waiter: Ma’am, this link please.
Ω ∂ ∏ † ∫ Š 0
I Cake-the granny
Akhooo Akoooo
W-e-L-c-O-m-E my dear Bloggers!!!
Akhooo Akhooo
My child Vivacious Puerile has groen 50 posts old.
 Bless the freak to accommodate plethora of posts.
Your support, your appreciation, your criticism, your silent stalking (reading without commenting), your Bunnyship made her more and more inclined to words.
So, here I cut myself into pieces to sweeten your tongues. Don’t worry! I’m eggless. I I I
¯ DJ- Tune to 'Shape of my heart'.
Wordy-the waitress: Sir, this link please.
Ω ∂ ∏ † ∫ Š 0
Muffin-the muncher
Hey Bunnies!!!
Give me a high-five.
You all guys rock in Blogger world. Yuuhooooo.
This party is thrown for all of you, young and old, girls and boys to munch me and say Violaaaa!
Keep dropping your comments on this space. ä ä ä
¯ DJ- Tune to 'Heaven Sent'.
Wordie-the waiter: Dame ,this link please.
Ω ∂ ∏ † ∫ Š 0
¥ Rasmalai-the rosy
Namaste Bloggers!!!
I’m here to add sweetness to your Bunnyship.
A malai ball soaked in Saffron milk is the traditional way of greeting guests. So, here I’m. Gulp me. Don’t worry Lady! I’m sugar free. I won’t add calories to your diet. ¥ ¥ ¥
¯ DJ- Tune to 'Tere jaisa yaar kahan'.
Wordy-the waitress: Dude ,this link please.
Ω ∂ ∏ † ∫ Š 0
% Latte- the hot
Hiiiii boys! Heyy Girls!!!
It’s a bit cold here. So common grab me and pour the hot froth steamed espresso into your throat. Wooooow!!!!
That’s like Bunnies.
I like it when you guys talk of some hot burning issues. Keep penning the hot issues and spread the word. % % %
¯ DJ- Tune to 'You light up My life'.
Wordie-the waiter: Ma’am ,this link please.
Ω ∂ ∏ † ∫ Š 0
, Kurkure- the Chilly
Hola Hola Bloggers!
You have had much of the sweets today. Now common crunch me.
Tedha hai, per mera hai.
I wish all you Bunnies stay a family till the triumph of Blogger cosmo prevails. , , ,
¯ DJ- Tune to 'Zooby dooby Zooby dooby'.
Wordy-the waitress: Sir ,this link please.
Ω ∂ ∏ † ∫ Š 0
eTic-Tac-the Mouth Freshner
Adios Blog Buddies.
Put me below your tongue and write up a fresh minty gloss of this vivacious party.
Keep posting fresh and vivid. e e e
¯ DJ- Tune to 'Kabhi Alvida na Kehna'.
Wordie-the waiter: Dame ,this link please.
Ω ∂ ∏ † ∫ Š 0
P.S. The party is still buzzing. Send your fellow Bloggers to this space. Let all the Bunnies buzz together.
Ω ∂ ∏ † ∫ Š 0
Hioy'oy Hoi Polloi


  1. A nice way to celebrate...loved the partying part a lot...!!!

    1. Haha:D
      Welcome to my party :D
      %%%%% Party time %%%%%

  2. ooohh!! So this was what the surprise is, eh!!? Congratulations Surbhi :D

    This post is spicy, crazy, hot, cold, delicious, fun :) You have created it with your words!! :)

    1. Yeeeppp!!!
      Enjoy the wordy music banging in your ears :D

  3. as usual, anything just didn't seemed enough... want more of ur party... wud u b my event manager..!! ;)

  4. Yay! Pardy time! Hearty Congratulations, dotty!! Thanks for the shout...I mean, the invitation! I am tipsy...hic..hic... Had great fun doing the honey-bunny dance, in fact am hoping others would request me to sing at their virtual party too so that I have an excuse to do another dance!♥

    “Let us read, and let us dance; these two amusements will never do any harm to the world.”
    ― Voltaire

    1. Oh!!! the floor is all yours. You can dance, you can sing, you can have more of the tiddley fun :D

  5. Great...50 posts...u are catching up fast...aur ye kya tha...naya marketing style :O

    1. Ppl call celebration as marketing. :O
      Have some rasmalai :P

  6. Hi, that's really grant party. Congrats, wishing you more laurels.

    1. Thank-you Sir for coming to my party :)
      Did you have some champagne?? :P

  7. 50 Posts!!! YAYY!! Many Congratulations Surbhi!!! Enjoyed a lot... My head is spinning badly from all the dancing ... Woah!!! LOved Latte- the hot!! and the cake and sweets and hospitality!! 5-star arrangement!! thumbs up ...
    and the DJ beats --- Very Creative I say!!!

    Whenz the next party??

    1. Thank-you... Thank-you :D
      You enjoyed every bit of party haan :P
      Next time I'll dish you with 10-star arrangements :P
      First lemme walk some more miles :)

  8. Wow! This sure looks like a cool and a happening party!! :D
    Congratulations on your blogging milestone! Looking forward to many more form you! Cheers :)

    1. Thank-you so much ma'am. It wouldn't have been possible without your blessings and encouragement. I owe this to you.
      And ya heartiest congratulations for your Liebster :)
      I had never imagined I would get a chance to share the stage with senior bloggers like you. Feeling ecstatic :D


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