Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I'm a Girl

I'm a girl
It's my fault

Not allowed to walk
Not allowed to talk

Not permitted to laugh
Not permitted to dance

All in all live in four walls
All in all breathe in coals.

Did I asked to make me a girl?
Did I asked to break me whirl?

No offences
Yet punishments
All for me
Just for me
For I'm a girl.

No hanging out
No playing out
No disco
No movie
Cos I'm a girl.

They say I'm soft
They say I'm tender
I can get pricked
I can get hitched
For I'm a girl.

I can't speak my heart
Cos silence is my mark
I can't live free
Cos someone's eye is on me

Born slave
Lived in grave
Die in shame
Buried in flame

This is me
A girl
And that's my fault
Why I'm a girl???

Hioy'oy Hoi Polloi


  1. Just now I wrote my poem on the same theme..'An elegy to the never born girls' life we have can't be lived because we are women!!

  2. True! our basic freedom is snatched away many times in the name of security!

    People saying "Boys and girls both are equal" is true in paper and words, but not in action!

    1. Raise the voice even if we are tagged as outrageously stubborn. At the end we can breathe free atleast.

  3. i am soo confused right now..........:P

  4. Simple poem yet comes with strong message!

  5. Just wow for the lines below

    I can't speak my heart
    Cos silence is my mark
    I can't live free
    Cos someone's eye is on me

    1. Yeah!!!
      true feelings expressed always touch heart.
      Welcome ma'am :) Keep visiting :)

  6. "Lived in grave" --ye kyazabardast phrase hai.....mujhe complex ho raha hai aapse :)

    1. Zabardast feelings me beh kar zabardast poem likh dali :P
      Nahiiii... complex to mujhe hota hai apke dhansu words se :D

      P.S. Take it as a compliment :)

    2. Oh by the way, I have written a '55 word story' using that phrase as the title...will be posting it today. Thanks, you inspire :)

  7. "I can't speak my heart
    because silence is my mark"

    really nice lines...and very rightly said.


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