Thursday, February 7, 2013

Who is Sad Today???

The toy broke into pieces today.The baby is sad.
The teacher punished the child today. He is sad.
The father slapped his son. He is sad.
The boy was not allowed to bat. He is sad.
The mother cooked dal today. The children are sad.
The timetable got announced today. The student is sad.
The mobile is not ringing today. The girl is sad.
Dude missed the action thriller today. He is sad.
The new trendy lipstick is out of stock today. The woman is sad.
Piled up files to be finished today. The man is sad.
Maid didn't come today. The housewife is sad.
Internet is not working today. The guy is sad.
No customer today. The shopkeeper is sad.
No breaking news today. The reporter is sad.
No ice-cream to relish today. The girl is sad.
No drink today. The rummy is sad.
No new dress for party tonight. The diva is sad.
No bell tolls today. The priest is sad.
No deals today. The businessman is sad.
No win today. The gambler is sad.
Friends are not in reach today. The dame is sad.
The Saddy is happy today. The Happy is sad.

Hioy'oy Hoi Polloi


  1. The repetition works well, I think. A most interesting blog.

    1. Thank-you for dropping by Sir :)
      Well! I'm pretty sure you got through the irony here.

  2. whn heart goes sad ... brain goes mad
    . a person himself is totaly and solely responsible for his happiness.its self dependent

    1. I agree. Check "Housing the gene of Happiness" and you will be satisfied, I wish :)

  3. The last line was the best....great thoughtful post :)

    1. Yeah!!! I wrote this as an prologue to my post

      Check out and you will find the reason. :)


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