Sunday, August 25, 2013

Book Review- KEYS

About the Book

Title: Keys
Author : Santosh Joshi
Publisher: Santosh Joshi Foundation
ISBN: 978-93-5126-531-3
No. of Pages: 269
Price: 280 INR
Genre: Motivational

About the Author

Santosh Joshi is a life coach and past life regression therapist based in Mumbai, India. He is a mechanical engineer and has worked with Indian and international conglomerates for over 17 years. His experience in the corporate world gave him insight into human behavioural patterns and responses to various emotional challenges. This helped him realize his inner calling. Santosh has dedicated his life to help people bring about positive changes in life.

The Cover Speaks

The blue coloured cover with an unlocked door represents how easy it is to open the door to success and happiness. The three keys the author talks of in the book are clear in the caption of the title. The HLP way to a regret-free life. The back cover urges the reader to read the book through its bold imprints. Unlock your highest potential to achieve your dreams. Rule your destiny with KEYS.


With KEYS you can open the door and take the first step into a new life. One without regrets of the past or fear of the future. You will realize that no matter what experiences you had in the past or what your present circumstances are, you still have immense potential to achieve your life goals. It is never too late to begin. This book introduces the HLP principle which will launch you towards them. It will help you heal and resolve your past memories which are pulling you back most of the time. It will encourage you to find your true calling and work towards it. It will also motivate you to plan your journey towards the ultimate destination, your dreams. KEYS is for all those who have lost their true self in today's rat race, those who have faced failures or gone through traumas, those in search of their purpose and those looking for inspiration to excel in life. This book is an opportunity to become the change you wish to see in yourself.

Book Review

KEYS is a very exhorting novel clearly conveying its messages through its different chapters. The book has extensively discussed each of the three keys. The first KEY- Heal your past encompasses over eight chapters. The second KEY - Live your present is spread over ten chapters. And the third KEY- Plan your future is being described in nine chapters.

The novel has added special effect to its teaching by adding an introductory picture to every chapter. The picture introduces the chapter in a satirical manner with cartoons giving a message. Along with this, there is an opening verse in each chapter which adds to the teachings. One of my favourite verse is-
 I am unique, and I am the best
It doesn't matter, what people suggest
I know my place is in the upper crest
In my eyes, I am better than the best.

At the end of every chapter, there is a At a glance section where the author has jotted down the summary of the chapter in bullet points which is a quick revision of all the learning of the chapter.

The author has described each key with a long prose which I liked the most. This is a very striking feature of this book. Also the real life examples quoted in the book gives it a close-to-my life touch. Some examples inspire you, some examples urge you not to commit the same mistake, some examples are an exemplary of his teachings. This book is a complete package to turn around your life to your dream life.

In a Nutshell

This book is meant for all those who have closed their dreaming eyes while they grew up. Trust me by the end of this book you will be equipped with the three keys and you will find it very easy to pursue your dreams. Now you will be having that clear vision and path to walk on which is waiting for you to be tramped. You will look at this book as a life-changer if you read it religiously and follow some of the practices to bring about the change in your life which you have always yearned for. For me this book is the one which I will always turn up to whenever I stray from the correct path. It not only inspires you to listen to your heart but tells you the way to achieve your goal.

My Rating


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