Saturday, September 14, 2013

Shopping in 2030

The sun shone bright as always
The flowers bloomed imbue as always
The market teemed with folks as always
The girls went for shopping as always
The boys didn't hold the shopping bags as always.
The calendar marked today as 15th of July 2030
The fresh arrivals are to be announced today
Shizuka is all set to choose from the new range
She logs into to look for some peppy trends
The site teems with a huge range of collection
She gets confused and calls up Nobita
"What should I buy? a skirt or a tunic?
Which colour will suit me best?
Will the frills do?
Or should I go for florals?
Heels or wedges?
Pointed or flats?
Ahh!! I'm so confused.
Please Help me Nobita."
Nobita went delirious at the streak of questions
Comes a frenzy cry out of his mouth
The android robot is the only saviour
He puts his hand in his pocket and grabs the gadget "Shopollu"
He turns to nobita and tells him
Shopollu is an AI (artificial intelligence) goggle.
It reads the brain waves of Shopper and presents before him the 3-D replica of the item.
The shopper can try the chosen item at the wink of his eye.
He can do so by just logging into a shopping website and picking up his choice.
Nobita becomes very happy
He goes to Shizuka and asks her to log into
He asks her to wear Shopollu and go on a virtual test-shopping.
Shizuka enjoys shopping sitting at her home
She tries this and that
Black and blue
Heels and flats
Shirts and skirts
She goes crazy trying all
Nobita loves to see his happy doll.
After a smart shopping from with Shopollu on her eyes
She goes dotty at seeing the bill.
Ebay offers a special offer to their shopaholic customers.
They need to pay just half of the bill
And pay the rest after complete product satisfaction
Else enjoy the shopping at half the price.
The shopping fiesta comes to an end
With all the products delivered to their home in an hour
Shizuka thanks Nobita
Nobita Thanks Doraemon
Doraemon winks at Shopollu
And Shopollu exclaims "Whoa! Girls make me so tired".
This is how shopping goes in 2030
With Shopollu and Ebay offering grand.
Hioy'oy Hoi Polloi
This post is written for a contest "The Future of Shopping" organized by in association with Indiblogger.


  1. Wonderful poem !! Your imagination about shopping in 2030 is very interesting Loved this exquisite post.

    1. Thank-you Granny. I wish to shop with you in 2030 with "Shopollu" :P

  2. lovely poem.. sweet and interesting read. loved it. :)

    hey Surbhi.. I share my award moment with you... enjoy.. my wishes.. :)

    have a great weekend.

    1. Thank-you so much Rat for the award. Its a great feeling to receive award. :)

  3. NIce Poem... loved it...:)

  4. You must be like Shizuka.. :)

    1. I wish you are not Doraemon. :P :-w

    2. Then what do you wish?

    3. Ammm... otherwise you wont give me Shopollu :p

  5. You are already in 2030.
    Best of luck


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