Saturday, September 7, 2013

Under the Canopy of Grannies

"Hello! Hello!
Good Morning everyone! Today we have gathered here to celebrate Grandparent's Day. Grandparents are the strongest pillars of the family. They nurture us with utmost care and affection. Lets take this opportunity to make them feel special. They are our valuable assets. Hello.. Hello.. Mike Testing..1..2..3.."
Such rumble sounds were banging on my eardrums early in the morning at 7 o' clock. As I reconciled to my consciousness, I found it was some teacher who was rehearsing her lines for the Grandparent's Day celebration.

Ravindra Bharti Global School , a primary school is situated just behind my hostel. I bounced out of my bed and peeped through the window. What all is going on?? Is there  something called Grandparent's Day??


Yeah! 7th September has been declared as Grandparent's Day by UNESCO. I had never heard of it before. An hour later, many grandparents started coming in holding the hand of their grandchildren. Soon the celebration started with a welcome note from the Principal. I was watching all this from my window. I clicked some pics also from my window at the fifth floor.

The grandparents were made to play some games, some quizzing games and some funny games. To everyone's amazement, the intelligent Grandmas proved their excellence here too. After that grandchildren presented some dance and sang a Thank-you song in their honour. Later the Grandparents were asked to share their views, their experiences, their lovely thoughts about their grandchildren. Many of them shared their views. One of the Grandpas had a hearty laugh while describing how his Grandson studying in Class-II daily insists for bedtime stories and he has to daily struggle to do this homework.
It was my immense pleasure to listen to so many Grannies. Some also thanked their better halves for walking so long without any complaint filling the journey with love and happiness. At the end, the rocking song "Badtameez Dil" was played. Everyone was on the dance floor- Granpas, Granmas, Grandchildren and teachers. It was fun watching the young Granparents moving their shaggy bodies to the music. I enjoyed this entire celebration sitting at the window. It was after so many days I sensed happiness in the air.


On this day, I take this opportunity to extend my heartfelt thanks to Granny- Mrs. Usha Menon ,a 77-year young lady who is so active in her real life as well as blogging world ( She has been inspiring everyone who walks past her. I'm one of the lucky person to get to know her. It was just a day before when I saw an old lady named Usha Menon (as her profile picture said) has commented on one of the blogs I regularly visited. I was stupefied  after reading her 'About Me' section and a few of her blogs. And I was left dumbstruck when the very next day she visited my blog and felicitated me with the prestigious Liebster Award. It was a complete exotic moment to have her imprints on my space. She is the real "VIVACIOUS PUERILE" whom I know. I present a few lines in your honour, Grandma.

The silver lining on the head
The crinkles lying on the hand
The waist stooping down the cane
The eyes still gleaming like of a child
The heart as young as mine
She is my Grandmaa smiling from miles.

Your praiseworthy words
Your vivacious spirit
Your sweet voice
Your all-time support
Makes me feel blessed everyday.
Thank-you for making this big world a tiny microcosm.

Hioy'oy Hoi Polloi


  1. Oh thats good to know that a day has been made for them. I hv very fond memories of my grandparents. They wud tell me stories n play with me when i was young.
    I miss them

    1. Yeah! I too came to know about this day so late. I too miss my grandparents. Just cherishing their memories today. :)

  2. Great post.
    I can understand how you feel.
    I just attended one in Bangalore

    1. Thank-you Sir. Who can understand better than you. Keep blessing me. :)

    2. Thank you Surbhi.I am overwhelmed to see your feelings for me. Love and affection are feelings experienced by both sides. I always think of you as my dear grand daughter. I am very much moved by your emotional expressions. God bless you, my child.

    3. I'm blessed to have your hand over me. I will be forever grateful for your kind heart. :) Thank-you Granny :)


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