Sunday, January 12, 2014

Love - So Different yet just Love

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Love, the very word imbibes so varied meanings in itself that sometimes it's so pure and sometimes so repugnant. Sometimes it's the only meaning of life, sometimes the only misery of life. This four letter word has always been a mystery for this world. Everyone tries to see his own version of love. But is there just one face of love ??? Or this multifaceted love holds multiple faces to define each of us. I have tried to describe a few different angles which Love keeps posing and we keep wondering.

Love -the most controversial
Yet the most desirable
The reason for the Life
Comes every season  in rife
To ransack every heart wise.

Lucky are those who fall in love
Lucky are those who find their love
Lucky are those who nestle their love
Lucky are those who shell their love
For love beholds the Lucky.

Every He finds a She
Since HE destines some- He for some- She
But what about me
If I love a She just like Me.

They worship Radha Krishna
They slay Heer- Ranjha
They read Shakespeare 
They debar gully Romeo-Juliet
For they love Prestige more than Love.

Love knows no language
Deaf and blind, Meek and Shy
Holds every hand which comes to thou
Different people couple in different relations
All by Love, All by Soul.

Love is all shit
Love is all bullshit
Everytime she ditches
'Coz she is a bitch.
Yet only she is my wish.

Love, the feeling so eternal
That rain pours down miles
To spread over miles.
Love, the bond so strong
That every child feels for his Mom.

Love, the thing so undescriptive
Describing every undefined thing
Love, the feeling so elusive
Filling the horizon with its gleam
Love, is just love
Varied and diverse unified by love.

¡Salud! JJJ
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  1. Ah, nice post!! And an accurate description of love!

  2. Lovely aspects & facets of LOVE, Surbhi! Totally WOW :)
    You have presented Love in all its hues :)

  3. wow different shades of love... unique n a beautiful weave Surbhi. :)

    1. Thank-you Meera. Missed your ramblings in my space. Keep visiting. :-bd

  4. Its an amazing post, Surbhi. Loved it :)

    1. Thank-you for the lovely comment on this 'love' post, Preeti. :x

  5. Spreading smiles again :) Payassam people congratulate you on writing such beautiful poems :) We also hope you find ur love soon ;) what say surbhi?

    1. Haha :)) Well !!! I have already found my love in Payassam, let me have it peacefully.:P
      Bring it more, Chef 2):)

  6. Wow! Well written Surbhi! Love is truly multifaceted! COngrats on the BlogAdda pick as well!

    1. Thank-you Danny :D Keep visiting, Keep reading. :-B


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