Sunday, September 28, 2014

Just a Cup of Coffee

So after a very longggggggggggg period of hibernation, my first write-up to overcome 'Writer's Block'. All thanks to a cup of coffee. For all the coffee lovers, a high-five and all the non-coffee lovers a bigger high-five because you will eventually fall for coffee one day. I believe. 


The dark frothy steaming coffee always has an 'X -effect'. It pulls me from wherever I'm. The aroma just draws me towards the cup of stewed drink and lingers around me even after it's over. The cocoa smell stays with me till the next cup refreshes back the smell. It's as if I have started falling for the coffee. The more I drink it, the more I feel it.

As they say, "Anything can happen over a coffee." I wonder is it actually true that a coffee can connect hearts Y. May be 'YES' for all those who got their strings hitched over a coffee and a 'NO' for all those whose tattered slippers don't move further towards any coffee shop , instead the burnt umber fragrance rises from their own kitchen and pleases them with their troglodyte status. Well !!! whatever be the case, coffee never leaves you alone. Just a cup and happiness doubles with the heavenly dark drink. Just a cup and all the worries waft into the space with its vapors. 

I think it happens with almost all of us that in the race of life, we get so much busy or say we start giving time to all the unnecessary things that we forget all about the important things and dearly people in our life and end up in a rat-race. Waking up every morning, rushing to work, returning back just to meet the bed and pillow. Comes a Sunday and we spend it dozing off to compensate for all the hours we stayed up late during weekdays to finish off the work. And in all these packed days, what stays with us is a cup of coffee to relax us. 

This very cup of coffee reminds us of some beautiful yesteryear memories which we had shared with our friends and family. The time which was so beautiful that we wish to relive it. When something from the memory lane strikes our chord, we grow nostalgic and there we become human again from the daily slogging machines. Coffee brings back ME to me.

This cup of coffee gives us a break from the chaotic lifestyle and makes us think for a while what we are living for. It often stimulates the dormant seeds. It ignites our lost dreams. It fans the ashes to lit up the fire again. It's truly our much needed booster. Even I too came back to this space , my very own blog after a long break. All I owe is to my dear coffee.

The vending machine at the workplaces is the most happening place among the lifeless workstations operated by human-machines. The mug full of hot coffee is the only interesting thing on our study table between the boring books to be mugged up. The fresh aroma of coffee is the only fragrance to shoo away our laziness. A cup of coffee is the first stepping stone between two strangers. It's the one which unlaxes our nerves and gives a boost to the brain. 

I wonder how proud coffee might feel at seeing her lovers spread all over the world.
"I'm a true companion of every soul whether blissful or mournful, I am always there to make them cheerful. I have seen heart beats getting high over me. I have lend my ears to many secret confessions. I have made my presence at long discussions. I have waved my rejuvenating effect over tiresome souls. I have made despair hearts bounce back to life. I have got drenched in laughter of success many-a-times. I have seen tears trickle down to end up in a smile. I have boosted brains to slog more in wee hours. I feel so obliged that people snaffle me while doing their work, perhaps I'm their best companion. I give them the warmth in winters. I cool down their nerves in summer. I really enjoy when I'm grabbed, smacked, sipped, gulped because I'm me. I'm COFFEE." 

Well !!!! I have said so much about coffee that perhaps you might remember me at your next cup of coffee. Chillax with a freshly brewed coffee and have a relaxed fun-filled day.

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  1. When “Coffee” is More Than Coffee. Okay.. Let's Go For Coffee? ;)

  2. A mirror to the daily, and importance of coffee in it. nyc fish

  3. I am very fond of coffee and must have tried various brands.
    For me,the best ever Coffee is the famous Filter Kaapi from South India

    1. Yes Sir, Filter coffee is just so scrumptious :)

  4. Very absorbing post. Enjoyed reading it.


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