Sunday, January 18, 2015

Things that define me

The day I first cried
Nurse called me a baby-girl
I was just a girl
My family loved me for being a girl
But I was just a Girl.

Could I be someone else?
I asked myself.
Yes, you can be what you wish, came my inner voice.
I explored my interests, my potential 
I went on to wave my brush on canvas
And I became a painter
I designed new fangled cards 
And I became a origami lover
I experimented in the kitchen 
And I became a good cook
I rendered my services to child education
And I became a social worker
I pursued my graduation 
And I became an instrumentation engineer
I worked with a MNC
And I became a software engineer
I pursued my writing hobby
And I became a blogger
I mentored my brother
And I became an adorable sister
I brought happiness to my parents
And I  became a proud daughter 
I stood against the eve teasers
And I became a brave girl.
I taught the underprivileged children
And I became a teacher
I wrote a story close to my heart
And I became an author
I scribbled poems in my diary
And I became a poet.
I am filled with new thoughts everyday
And yes I'm an optimist.
I'm proud to carry AND tags.
I will not stop here but garner more of them.
For I'm not just a single identity but one with many ANDs.

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  1. You should be proud of being a girl...Blessed are the parents who have daughters.
    May be you did b not read my blog post...WOMEN.

  2. Surbhi this is such a sweet poem.I read it many times.

  3. I loved to read a few lines in between again and again :)

    1. You, reading again and again makes this post a worthy one :)


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