Monday, February 21, 2011


After the evening workout, I was relaxing myself. Just pondering over the little yellow-orange clock squatted over my study table. I just wondered how perpetually it has been working without any hiatus. The quick- quick secon hand , red in colour swivelled round each and every embedded digit for once and again.

If you ask someone, "What are your hobbies??". Surely he/she will enlist a number of activities like cooking, gardening, drawing, reading, gossiping, dancing, singing and a lot more.

But if the same question is thrown to me, it leaves me stupefied. It seems I have to scramble through my activities to credit one of them as my passion. But to be veracious I'm hardly occupied with any of the freaking passion. Everything seems to be the sane, only differentiated by name and my involvement (ofcourse the least one :/)

Being an engineering student, I have learnt well in three years how to fool the examiner (:P). So there is not much to read. Just a few night fights makes the war over.

After being thrown out of the hostel, as our so called GOVERNMENT ENGINEERING COLLEGE, AJMER doesn't have its own campus hostel, so it hires a few private hostels in the city (Ajmer) and enrolls the first year students. And just after a year they are spurned out with disdain. But I badly miss my hostel life. All those pretty pranks still crank me up.

So, now having walked half the mile, I'm standing in the penultimate shell ( second last shell of an atomic structure). I'm eagerly waiting to get into the valence shell and get relented to the nuclear attraction .(sorry for being a bit geek.. :P)

Though in a span of 17-18 months I will be called ENGINEER but this thought just leaves me abandon. What I have got till now?? What new I learnt?? Just one word answer - NOTHING. I'm afraid of this answer if it will really engulf me in its nothingness????
Well!! seeing my peers also suffering from this NOTHINGNESS makes me feel solace. I'm still a part of the graduation pursuing society (sheepish smile).

The gadget beeped up. It opened up a text from AIRCEL. So I was taken back from the past time machine to the present.I guess now you must hav got WHAT IS MY HOBBY??? Just to catch up with any thought in bewilderment and getting lost to somewhere in trance(quite inexplicable).
The three hands of my clock were still ticking. The red second hand was still nudging each digit . thinking of the myriad tickles of the clock till now , I calmly sauntered with the drawl Tick.. Tock.. Tick.. Tock..


  1. Hmm...The stuff seems very conversant to me...:D
    I will never put the QUESTION again....:P.

  2. oh!!really!!!!!
    I don't think so.. :P

  3. nothing new!!!!!!!!!!1
    such text is fittin on evry mind here
    true and PKAU

  4. true indeed.. because all of you have adopted the PAKAU vision...
    i can't help it out...

  5. Evry engnr is distraught abt nothngness in their prima facie it may luk it depicts da truth f evry engnr's lyf may b which dey dont wana acept ...............nly true engnr can undrstand da deep meaning of dis thot............n ya dun mind cmnts f some douthing thomas........:)

  6. yeah!!!
    may be some just feign to be sybarite... But there is no escape to this NOTHINGNESS..

  7. hey hey PKAU is not engineering
    it was ur narratin about collg life which was PKAU

    U said that its "true indeed" but you dont get that
    douthing thomas was taken the other way round

  8. I got lost somewhere in the middle, but for some reason it makes sense.
    Nice post. :)


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