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“Delhi-Lucknow express 12004 is about to reach on platform no. 2” The announcement was being made again and again. Mehak and Raj reassembled their luggage. They had been waiting from past half an hour. And this half hour became the most memorable hour of their life. It was exactly one year before they had met here. While waiting for the train, they dwelled upon their silly stupid chats which had tied them in a wonderful bond.

You remember I was caught by this T.T.”, Mehak said pointing towards a middle-age man with a potbelly who was going through a list in his hand.

Oh! Yes. I should go to him”, Raj said.

Why??”, Mehak enquired.

To thank him for making me meet a silly stupid girl”, Raj winked.

Both of them giggled.

It seems it was destined. My ticket got pickpocket. Your friend cancelled his journey at the last moment. And you travelled alone with a two-passenger ticket all the way just to rescue me at this junction”, Mehak put their first meet in brevity.

Raj relaxed on the bench and a sneaky smile crept on his lips.

He said,” Yeah! Out of tens of other passengers, I became just your saviour”.

Silly effect”,Mehak chirruped.

Silly girl”, Raj ticked her head.


Mehak thanked Raj for helping her and saving her bucks. Raj thanked his friend for cancelling the trip. Formal thanks-giving  entailed till they came out of the junction. Before leaving Raj put his hand forward and said,” Hii, I’m Raj. Naam to suna hi hoga”.

Mehak shook hand and said,” Hii I’m not Simran!”.

Haha, I like it.


That you are not Simran!.


So, there is going to be a twist in the story.

You seem to be a die-hard bollywood fan.

Yes! Masala and romance tadka.

All Crap. Taxiiiiii”, She waved her hand and bid him a good-bye.

A crap bye!!! Raj was a little sad at her parting words.

But why should I bother about her. She is just an another girl”, Raj murmured.

He tried to convince himself but the silly girl had abducted his wits. As soon as he reached his hostel, he opened his laptop, connected to the internet and searched for her. But how to search?? She was NOT SIMRAN. Who was she??? Where to search for her in Delhi??? Disheartened Raj gave all his hopes. Days  passed.

One day Raj went to a Publishing house to get his college magazine published. He was the head of the editorial team. The man at the office guided him to a room.

May I come in”, Raj knocked on the door.

Yes, please” ,came the voice.

Whoa!!! Bollywood Baba!!! What a pleasant surprise! What brought you here?” This was Mehak asking the flabbergasted Raj.

Raj couldn’t believe his eyes. He got back to his senses and stammered, “ H-a-a-e-e- Hiii! I’m stalking you”.

Oh!! Really!.

So how is everything  Miss Not Simran???

Haha, I’m Mehak. I do the work of proof-reading here.

That’s great. Now read these 100 odd pages and kick out the errors.

Ahh!!! I don’t like this. I just hate these words but still slogging myself.

Raj was happy to find her. Now he knew the name of silly girl.

Facebook-Search-Mehak-Send friend request.

Friend request accepted.

And then started the chatting season. They sunk themselves in talks and talks from nowhere and everywhere.

Meanwhile Raj wrote his first novel and went to her for proof-reading.

As Mehak read through the pages, she felt herself bosomed in someone’s strong words.

Yes! Raj didn’t write a love letter, instead an entire novel for the silly stupid girl he had fallen in love with.


The horn grew louder and louder as the train approached. Raj cried at the loudest of his pitch,
I’ll be waiting for your reviews on my novel”.

Mehak and Raj hadn’t admitted it to each other till now. They behaved like just-friends but something more was being cooked up on both the sides. Both were enjoying this unavowed romance.

Both left for their home.

It was Diwali. Mehak called up Raj to wish him.

Huulo”, a heavy voice spoke from the other side.

May I speak to Raj please”,Mehak asked.

Beta! He went missing since past five days. DO you know where he is??”, the voice asked in plea.

Mehak couldn’t believe her ears. She ransacked all their mutual contacts, Raj’s college, his whereabouts but no ray of hope kindled.

Each day she read his script where he confessed his love. Today Raj is still missing. Mehak added a few more chapters and completed their love novel.

As soon as the novel hit the book stores, it came out to be a best-seller. The media persons approached Mehak asking  about how the idea came to your mind? Are you a professional writer?? And a lot more questions queued up.

Mehak answered in a very simple manner.
"I’m no professional writer.
I never liked these silly stupid words.
I never understood the feelings attached with them.
But a silly stupid boy made me feel these words.
He left behind his legacy in his words.
He made me write all what I feel.
And today writing to me is my first love."
Mehak confessed their love in public and wished Raj would soon appear with another of his novel for proof-reading.
Hioy'oy Hoi Polloi

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  1. i think reason of your love for writing will make a better story than this one.
    bdw nice story.

    1. Again I'll just say love makes you do things whether you want or not. It's just a way to keep going :)

  2. I hope Raj would appear in the next i don't like parting with tears...though none of my own stories written in over 3 years end with a happy ending...!!!

    1. I strongly wish Raj makes a comeback. But alas! he is missing for now :/
      Cops plz help :D

  3. nice read.. but little sad.. now, where is Raj? plzz cops help finding him.. better do it soon for a happy ending..oh no.. for a happy start.. :-)

    1. Sometimes sad story should also be made palatable. I again heartedly wish Raj finds his way back to Mehak.

  4. such a beautiful story with a tragic end. Hope India TV finds RAJ after the success of his novel. I believe only India TV can do that :D

    1. I am planning to do the investigation myself. :D

  5. nice story. Hope the next novel comes out soon :D

  6. Surbhi...This definitely needs a sequel...We want Raj back !!!Can you hear the chorus...??
    Lovely story...beautifully penned:))

    1. Haha :D
      Thank-you so much ma'am for marking your words here.
      Well!!! I have set my cops in action and RAJ will mark a commendable entry soon with all of you raising hands in praise. :P

  7. Anonymous7:27 PM

    I think it did have a happy ending (from the beginning)... Only the speeding flash back was sad and giddy and lovely. :)
    But how did they find Raj, And what about the another book... need details, Another story please. :)

    1. I have taken your words into account. I wont let you down and soon you will be reading the part-2 :)

  8. lovely and touchable short story.......:-))
    nice starting .........keep it up..:-)

    1. Thank-you :)
      Keep reading , keep acknowledging :)

  9. OK surbhi! I want Raj back in the next post.! I want Mehak and Raj to unite....
    You are writing another post aren't you!
    I am waiting :)

    1. OH!!! Akash you make me work so hard.
      Okay Boss!!! Stay tuned and seeing this overwhelming response I'm penning down the sequel. Hope you all find it worth and even not then go for adulation guys. :P :P

  10. Replies
    1. Not better than you. :D
      :blush: :blush:

  11. Nice read and please continue the story :)

    1. Thank-you Sir :)
      Yeah!!! I'll be soon posting the sequel. I hadn't thought this story written in haste in order to meet the deadline will require a sequel . :D

  12. @all : I have penned down the catena of this story on your demand.
    Please check the link

    Is Raj Back???
    Silly Smiles... Take you Miles :)


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