My Signature Recipe- Desi Tadka

Making of Dal-Bati.

I'm a proud Rajasthani. And half of the people call us 'Dal-Bati' :P. I experienced this when I entered the college where the students streamed in from almost every state of India. And the college guys know it very well that you are hardly called by your official name. You are renamed as per your locality, behaviour, traits and may be eating habit. :P
The most annoying thing about my college is that we are kicked out of the college hostel by the college authorities after the 1st year. How pathetic :( And then begins the search of a new room with a new roomie.

A girl from Kerala became my new roomie and then started the most thrilling journey of my collegista. It has been two years since we are living in the Arihant-Villa. These three years we both experienced the fusion of our culture, our languages and our eating habits. I being an idli-dosa lover always ask her to bring the same from her home when she comes back after the vacations.

She often calls me 'Bafla'  (a Rajasthani dish- brother of bati). I have told her many-a-times that being Rajasthani doesn't mean we eat dal-bati daily. We cook dal-bati when there's some special occasion. And prompt comes her reply, "I'm waiting for that special occasion". She often gave me the hint of her desire to savour this special dish now and then. And I always snubbed her idea saying,"I'm no chef. Come with me in a vacation and I'll make you eat mom-made- dal-bati daily." She then just drops her idea and I end up convincing her to make dal-bati ONE DAY.
Meanwhile Blogadda launched this contest. But alas! we didn't have kitchen to cook up something for the contest. So, I dropped the idea but the instinct was compelling me to participate. And where there is a will, there is a way and hence came that ONE DAY.

7th March was Neha's birthday, our land-lord's daughter. Just like my roomie, she too is a dal-bati fan. Accidentally, aunty ( Neha's mother) slipped off the stairs and broke her right arm. A tragic incident just before her special day. But I tell you Rajasthanis are very kind and helpful. However, the family had to cancel the birthday party but I assured aunty of making Neha feel the best with a small family-party. This how I got the chance to show everyone my culinary art and participate in Blogadda's contest. Thank-you Blogadda to give me a chance to make the birthday girl feel special, to finally satiate my roomie and to make everyone in the HOME happy. Yeah! in Arihant Villa, never for a day, I felt as if I'm living away from my home. The landlords are more of a family.

Little B'day Girl.
So, then began the preparation of party, the most simple celebration with more of the family love and Blogadda's boost-up. As I told you above we cook dal-bati only on special occasion. So, I decided to serve the birthday girl with her favourite cuisine.Our landlord are Jains so onion-garlic are the taboo in their kitchen. Hence, I prepared the Desi-Jain-Thali. Here goes the recipe.

For Bati
5 cups of wheat flour ( we were 5 memebers)
1/2 teaspoon ajawain (caraway seeds)
1/2 teaspoon sauf (aniseeds)
1/2 teaspoon turmeric
1 teaspoon salt
2 tablespoon Fortune rice bran oil ( for soft and fluffy bati)
Water for kneading the dough
For Dal
1 cup of split black gram (urad dal)
1/2 cup of split gram ( chana dal)
1/2 cup of split green moong dal (optional)
2 tablespoon Fortune rice bran oil
a pich of hing (asfoetida)
1 teaspoon jeera (cumin seeds)
1/2 teaspoon turmeric
2 teaspoon chilli powder
salt to taste
3 cups of water
coriander leaves to garnish
For Bati
1. Mix flour, ajwain, turmeric, sauf and salt in a bowl.
2. Add the fortune rice bran oil in the mixture.
3. Add water and knead the mixture into tight dough.
4. Take out small chunks of dough and roll them into small balls.
5. Place the dough balls in a preheated oven.
6. Roast them till the crust turns light-brown and small cracks appear in the balls.
Wheat flour  mixed with ajawain , turmeric and salt.
Add some fortune oil in the flour.
Make balls out of the dough.
Preheat the oven.

Roast the batis in the oven.

For Dal
1. Mix all the dals in a large bowl and soak them for 30 minutes.
2. Boil the soaked dal in a pan.
3. In a separate pan, put some fortune rice bran oil.
4. Add hing and jeera to the oil when hot.
5. When jeera starts to crackle, add the chopped green chilly ( chopped onions and garlic too if you are not a jain).
6. Cook the mixture till the onions turn light brown.
7. Add turmeric, chilli powder and salt and some water.
8. Cook it for 3 minutes.
9. Add the boiled dal and bring the whole misture to boil.
10. Garnish it with chopped coriander leaves.
Put some Fortune oil in a pan.

Masala Tadka
Healthy N spicy Dal.
Ready to Eat
1. Soak the batis in Fortune rice bran oil.
2. Tomatoes make up the best salad. So slice them.
3. A little of lemon to the dal makes it more tangy. So have a slice of lemon.
4. If you need more of spicy, then have some whole green chilly too.
5. The Jains eat papads with almost every meal. So roast  some chana papad/ moon papad. They are lusciously crispy.
6. Place all these in a thali and serve the special Desi-Jain-Thali.
Tomato Salad.
Desi Thali.

What are you waiting for??? Grab the dal-bati. The dish is all yours. Isn't it lip-smacking???
Ready! Steady! Eat!
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Hioy'oy Hoi Polloi
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  1. lovely recipes and the pictures make me feel hungry now.. am gonna have my dinner, hehe.. :P

    ya and these smileys are really wonderful addition.. :)

    1. Haha,Dinner is ready Rats, pick your bite before it chills out. :P

  2. Ummmmm......that was delicious, dotty!!Tasted Dal-bati after ages!!!Missed churma though..!:-O
    You know, my father spent almost 15 years in Udaipur with my bro, while I stayed with my Mom in Delhi.(since my mother was working in the Ministry of Home Affairs and she refused to quit). So, all my vacations were spent in Udaipur!! I SO love that place, especially the Rajasthani people. True, they are absolutely lovable, kind and beautiful people...
    This blog brought back many childhood memories....Thank you!!:)

    1. Whoaaa!!! Nanu lived here :). Please make a visit soon. I promise I'll make you relive your childhood. Ahh!!! Don't you worry, I wont vex you for balloons and lollies :P And it's so good to know that Nani worked in Ministry of home affairs. So, She was a prominent lady, and you are a Living Legend and I'm also gonna be SOMETHING ;) Afterall, I'm slowly imbibing your traits. :D
      Talking about Churma, to be veracious ,I don't how to make it :(( And the b'day girl also didn't ask me to prepare that. So, I worked with just dal-bati :D You just come here and I'll make you eat the best Rajasthani thali and have the best time of your life. Loads of love :x

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. YUMMMMM!!!! :-bd Me too love Dal-bati, Oh I am so coming to your place, and I am not gonna be the chef, Chef Surbhai, You are... thali looks so yummy.. and I am famished right now :(( , when are you sending my plate?

    Thanks for the recipe BTW, I am definitely gonna try, you reminded me of my mums Dal-bati, next tym I am home, I guess I will gaining a pound by eating this delicacy and it will be all your fault 7:P

    PS-- I published the comment from my roomies account by mistake who was logged into my lappy :), Make sure to delete That.

    1. Owwiieee... I'm no chef. I'm a simple fille sticking to the simplest serve, no ostentatious kitchen :P. Come anytime and I'll make you one to satiate your Rajasthani taste buds. :D Unlike you,who wont bake a cake for me :(( And regarding your gaining a pound issue, I'll stick to Fortune Rice Bran only and will make sure you run on tracks for the next 2 days. ;) :D Let your roomie have her hands dunked in dal-bati. :)

    2. Anonymous7:28 PM

      Hey have some mercy!! after seeing you culinary expertise I am reluctant to bake a chocolate cake, Why not you bake and I eat.. I mean plate... then we invite all to eat... :)
      OH there is a catch, we will have to run 2 laps for next one week... deal!!
      About my Roomie... She is also Agarwal so you must have guessed how deep she is in your Dal-bati.

    3. Congratulations!! Well deserved!! Now you have to invite me :) :)

    4. PS-I am Friends with Ankita

    5. Thank-you so much Suhani :)
      You are always welcome to dab your hands in desi tadka. :)

  5. I have eaten Dal- Baati at our neighbour's place who happens to be an agarwal..and this recipe made it look so much easier...i remember splitting the baati open into two and pouring a generous helping of ghee on it and dipping into the dal..wonder if i can make it..lemme try !!

    1. Yeah LP, it's as simple as I wrote. Give it a try and I'm sure you will lick your fingers with yummy dal-bati. :D The whole desi thali making and eating is simply awesome. And yeah! I love Nagpur oranges. :x

  6. Hi Surbhi,I loved reading every word of your post. My Uncle was posted in Jodhpur. We generally used to spend holidays with him.I have also been to Jaipur several times. I am quite familiar with Rajasthani food.Dal bati is a favourite in our house.I liked the way you have explained the recipe. The photographs are awesome.

    1. Hi Granny! Your lovely words always make me dance. :-c
      It's great to know about your tryst with Rajasthan. Jodhpur,Jaipur,Udaipur,Chittaurgarh,Bikaner,Jaisalmer are some of the gems of Rajasthan. Come over here some day and allow me to drive you into nature's beauty with loads of love and smiles. :X :)

  7. Me too in a queue..I too hold a beautiful baggage of school and college time memories from Jodhpur...Rajasthan always takes a special place in my heart..Whenever or wherever I hear about this state I go through a nostalgic attack.I never use to miss Dal bati churma party ....The moment I stepped in here the aromas from a Rajasthani kitchen caught my heart..So Chef Surbhi ,When can we have this yummilicious platter ?
    Thanks a lot for bringing back such lovely memories..

    1. Ahha!!! You too rooted back to Rajasthan. 'Maharo Rajasthan'- I'm feeling ecstatic. I would be all delighted to serve you with this desi thali. You are always welcome. Please make a visit soon to kindle the old memories.:) And till then I'll learn churma too to dish up the complete Rajasthani thali. 2):)

  8. Hmmm.. Very delecious.... Ur first... Attact me to reat it fully that you are proude rajsthani... I also... Pure rajasthani.... !!! U put very good process of making this...!!! But in ur thali churma is missing...!!!.. I like thali more bcoz as i am jain... U dony use garlik....!! U said its special day dish.. For me.. When i was in collage its our sunday dish..!! Aftr read this wo purane din yaad aa gye...!!! Keep writing

    1. Oh! It seems I have brought together all the Rajasthanis with their trdaemark thali. :D
      I dont know how to make churma :P I'm glad to take you back to the old days. :)

  9. Wow! They look so yummy! will surely try them out! :)

    1. Yeah Valli! Get your piece. You will surely love this. :)

  10. a very congratulations for winning the contest for this so yummy recipe Surbhi :)

    1. Thank-you so much Sir!!!
      I'm really feeling blessed to receive wishes from you. :)

  11. Very very happy news. Congratulations for winning such a prestigious award. You truly deserve it!!!

    1. I'm so happy to receive blessings from you. Thank-you so much Granny! :)

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