Friday, February 18, 2011


I take the opportunity to express my deep gratitude towards the sweet little lamps who have been constantly present to enlighten my darken lane.

Time comes when success hugs me.
Time comes when failure slaps me.
Time comes when I party hard.
Time comes when I cry hard.
Time plays HIDE 'N' SEEK with me.
But these tiny- winy lamps always mark their remarkable presence. Just a small glow lits me up in every mood. They have always kept themselves glowing ardently against all the heinous winds. Being absolutely naive to the dreadly flagrant waves, they kept my path visible. I bow down to their perseverance.

I had read an anecdote in my school days. It follows as:-
After the creation of this world different tasks had been given to Gods and Goddess. The work of lightning this world was given to the sun. When the evening approached the setting sun asked " Who will take up my work of dispelling darkness and enlightening this world??".
Having heard of this impeccable task, the whole world stood speechless. Then a little earthen lamp just said "As much as is possible for me, I shall certainly do that much!!".

Gottcha!! How a jotted lamp solves a tusk problem in a quick. Exactly the same way, my life is endeavoured with my sun - my parents. But as the dusk approaches I get busy in subduing the darkness. But when some earthen lamps are present beside me to shed away the darkness,life is bliss. I'm indeed indebted beneath the mighty shadow of these mini wands.:D

It gives me immense pleasure to place these earthen lamps as the beacon over my roof. But practically it is not possible { poor me :'(:'(}. I cant bind them to stay by the side of my pavement for a long. But still they have always soared up in my greys. Stroking these lamps with personification , they are those who are for sure present in everyone's book. These are my honourable teachers, cool colleagues, frenzy friends, worthy mentors and a few strangers who met me the way accidentally and turned out to be pea - jacket.
Keep blessing me my deary lamps. :):)


  1. u r gud learner
    lighting a lamp surely crushes the darkness.

  2. nicely pen downed....specially the personification part......
    &yaap..Thease little-2 sparkling lamps alturisticly eliminate the darkness and illuminate our soul with gudness & delight...
    Keep enlighting on the dashboard...:)

  3. @amateur: yeah!!
    lamp are meant for that only!!

  4. @kapil: yeah!!! remembered ALTRUIST DAMSEL!!! :)

  5. C.I.D. Officer-Surbhi Bafna...huh..!!..:/..:P.


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