Tuesday, September 20, 2011


A mother having two kids met with an accident. She and one of the children managed to survive while the other kid succumbed to the severe injuries. The mother has never expected this nightmare to ever come true but what when it surpassed into reality. She can be imagined helpless but for the sake of her second child she has to combat this odd situation. She cant put an end to her life. The wheel must roll and its her responsibility to nurture her second kid well.

I just want to exemplify that when things dont go according to our expectations, there is no point of abandoning. Instead look for alternatives. There are galore of ways waiting to be trampled by you.

EXPECTATION is something the major reason for the growing crevices in everything from workplace to relationship, from school to office , from cricket to hockey.

Have you ever pondered why do we expect?? Perhaps according to me, we expect from others when we transmigrate our capabilities into that person and see him as much potent as we are. Irrespective of the fact what the very person wants but since we have superimposed ourselves upon him so he is compelled to live upto our expectations and if he fails then he is seen as loser and cursed for not accomplishing.

The father of a student expects him to shine through and bring him the fame same as that of his colleague's son. No one bothers whether the kid is abnegating himself at the cost of his football love.

The manager expects his employee to outshine in the upcoming project like the previous one irrespective of the employee's interest in this new project.

The boy wants his girlfriend to love him exactly the same way he does unknown to the fact that she doesn't love him. And many such instances can be cited.

A few days back I came across these lines:
"People just expect from others even though they have failed in raising their own soul upto their own expectation."
I feel that every person has his own space. He should be left free with it. No other than himself should be allowed to enter that space and cause unnecessary interference. A spiritual relationship between soul and body defines that space where a man gets close to himself, sets his standards and strives to live upto those. There exist people of different perceptions. One may have a limited perspective and is happy within the walls. While the other may have a broad perspective and wants to explore the entire ocean. So it is immaterial to impose your expectations over others.
Try to live your own life in your style and let others live their way and then if any interaction occurs then that would definitely create the most beautiful kaliedoscope.:):)

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