Sunday, March 25, 2012


Reason to live?
Reason to eat?
Reason to play?
Reason to study?
Reason to laugh?
Reason to cry?
Reason to celebrate?
Reason to sleep?
Reason to love?
Reason to fight?
Reason to question?
Reason to answer?
Ahh!!!A reason to a reason makes the reason release that reason.

Infact I was terribly confused when a little girl asked me all the aforesaid reasons to be reasoned. Well!! our brain do the most weirdest thing when it is required the most not to do so. Is finding a reason for each of our actions , reason for our existence, reason for our happiness appreciable? Yet brain appreciates to do the unappreciable many-a-times.

So I asked back the little kid, "Amm.. Tell me what do you like the most??"
she answered candidly.
"Why should I offer you a chocolate?? Give me a reason."
"Because I command you to give me one right now",
ordered the jejune voice.
I chuckled , "What else? I'm not satisfied with this reason."She thought for a while and cutely answered tilting her head left resting the hair over the shoulder,
" Bee-caa-use I always make you smile even just for a while."

I was taken away by her words. Instantly a smile nested over my lips. I groped for the chocolate in my pocket and offered it to the current reason of my smile. She grabbed it and ran away to play with her friends. But she left me contemplating how often do  we need a reson to smile? a reason to stretch our facial muscles to seat the curve cosily?

I was perhaps correct, we humans need a reason to do everything. Until and unless it is demanded our geek professors don't smile, The stubborn landlady feels charged a million bucks for a smile, the shopkeeper finds it tough to sell his smile to his customers paying off. Isn't it disheartening that people search for reasons to make themselves happy. They are seldomly ready to help others but when it comes to themselves then too it seems a herculean task for them. Irony of the hour!!!

Smile is that little word with five alphabets which makes all our five senses vigil simultaneously. 
I myself leave no chance to make others smile and make them join my "HAPPY CLUB". It's said so true - Smile for no reason and gradually it becomes your habit. To live this gifted life to its best is our sole right so why to miss a chance??
 I smile for you
You smile for me
We all smile for us
Making this world
A smiling place to live in.
 :) :) :)


  1. i definitely need a reason 2 study...........:P
    but i have nvr seen a homo sapine who laugh more frequent than u so it dun apply on u...........may b i need to show ma teeths some more...........:)

  2. If we have a reason for smile we can smile more... and if the reason is so much smiley like u.. it is even more.. :D

  3. Cheers to all the smiles we share :) :)

  4. loved d way u hav written this blog.. we need reasons 4 everythng in our lyf..but we do 4get d thng dat d reason behind ur lyf iz u urself...
    u can b d reason 2 put a smile ovr a sad face,d reason 2 make cry othrs,d reason 2 celebrate etc.etc
    best example:unles sum1 dont make u realise d reason for u in his/her life ,u hardly feel what love iz..:P

  5. don't write summary else who will read my words :P :P

  6. what a wonderful thought Surbhi.. i smiled many times while reading this post thanks to your writing skills and well, the ability to REASON.. :)

    Good one.. keep it up..


    1. Oh!!! I'm so glad Deepak that you smiled while reading this post. Heartfelt thanks. :)

  7. AWWwww Thanks for so many smiles :)

    1. I have more of the smiles in store for you.
      Keep visiting to go silly with me :)


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