Thursday, December 27, 2012


At the starting of this month I received an unexpected nomination for the Liebster Blog Award.

What is the Liebster Blog Award exactly? Leibster is a German word meaning dearest. However, in the context of blog writing, it can also mean favourite. The award is given to bloggers who have less than 200 followers in acknowledgement of the good articles and posts they have written. In presenting a fellow blogger with the reward, the nominee is encouraging him/her to continue creating interesting and inspiring posts.

Liebster Blog Award is an Award that is given by the blogging community to new upcoming and deserving bloggers who has less readers. And it is also a motivational Award.
I'm very much happy to receive this Award. I thank Kriti Kandhari, author of the blog ‘Expressions Of Heart’ at  for nominating my blog for this Award. I hardly know this person, and I am glad she found my blog suitable enough to grant me this nomination.

There are few rules for receiving and passing on this nomination further.
  1. Kindly thank the person who nominated you and acknoledge him/her by mentioning their blog link for the same.
  2. Each person must post 11 things about themselves
  3. Answer the Questions that the nominator sets for you + create 11 Questions for the people you have nominated
  4. Choose 11 deserving bloggers and link them in your post
  5. Go to their blog and Inform them about this by commenting on one of their posts.
  6. Don't tag back the person who mentioned you.
So here I go.

11 Things About Me

1. I am an avid cakeoholic.
2. I love to colour my dreams with my own colours. 

3. I often laugh for no reason.
4. I love emoticons very much.
5. I try my best to make someone smile everyday.

6. I dont befriend people easily.

7. I hate remebering the dates of historical events.
8. I am a book with a thick yet transparent cover. 
9. I love living in my teens, never growing up.
10. I believe in MAGIC. The Universe conspires to endow you with anything you arduously desire.
11. I want to see people indulged in laugh gags eating chocolates at my grave (me being a good ghost ).

The Answers to my Questionnaire

1.What is that one passion in your life you will do anything for?
The only passion of my life is to make my Mumma-Papa feel at the top of the world when they will be known as Surbhi's Parents.

2. You love writing? Mostly yes…Why writing is so important for you?
Because it is the only way I can express my feelings since I find it hard to voice out myself. So pen comes to my rescue.

3.If life had nothing to offer, what would you create?
I would have baked a chocolate cake dipped in hot choco sauce. Atleast I would have enjoyed eating that only besides the harsh life.

4.Is there any inspiration in your life? (person, thing, event)
My sole inspiration is my Father. I want to be like him in every sphere of my life.

5.As a blogger, what do you look forward to in other blogs?
I look for unheard, endangered, extinguished words which are rare to find in this FB-sick world.

6.Critically, what do you think my blog actually conveys?
Your blog conveys your thoughts finding their way through your words.

7.Describe Love in three words…( no sentences, 3 individual words )
Luxury Utility Vehicle :P :P

8.Do you like first penning down something in your notebook before posting? Reason?
Sometimes, when I don't have a quick access to internet.

9.Describe writing in a sentence?
The stream of words fighting in your mind ,grappling with each other to get honoured by your pen.

10.If you had to give away any one habit of yours for someone, what would it be? (For whom?)
I dont share up easily. I feel I can handle each and everything going wrong but all in vain. And my dear ones have to take the pain of making me speak up.

11.Everyone dreams. Is there any one dream you remember, and would like to make it real someday?
Yes! I'm no different from others. I dream of going to the most coveted institute holding my Daddy's finger. Seems kiddish but it is the way I want to start my dream.

Now here comes my Questionnaire for you :

  1. Describe you in one line?
  2. Why do you Blog?
  3. What is your Aim?
  4. If you have a Super Power what will you do?
  5. One person whom, you want to be with you all your life, why? (not parents, lover, children)
  6. The person whom you miss desperately, why?
  7. Most memorable moment in your life?
  8. Social Networking in your view?
  9. Do you believe in Love at first sight? if no why?
  10. One thing you like to change about yourself?
  11. Your views on my Blog?

Here is  the list of Bloggers who deserves this Award. I don't know you peolpe but your words have become your identity. I am always pleased to read your posts. Keep writing.

1. My heart speaks here through words  -

2. Pics and Poems -
4. My Memoirs of Mesmerizing Memories-
5. Writing On the Go -
6. The Junkyard Symphony -
7. A rose is a rose is a rose! -
8. Freedom of Expression -
9. One head Many Hats-
10. Delights of the Heart -
11. Speaking My Mind -

Congratulations to all of you!!!



  1. Dear Surbhi,
    Thanks for the award and acknowledging Delights of the Heart. I started this blog 4 1/2 years ago as a way to help me focus on positives of life. It is so easy to notice the negatives and forget the JOY's, laughter, and smiles of life. I am a retired apparel patternmaker, who also owns a small online business for tea products. You can find me at
    If I had super-power I would heal the sick and wounded hearts around the world. Thank you for sharing some of you. I have not visited your blog before, but will explore.

  2. Dear Surbhi ,
    Thanks for this --It really means hella lot to me --this blogsite( was given to me as a bday gift by my frd-brother Sandeep a last yr --Writing has been my passion ever since my childhood though i rarely had chance to express it until i got this wonderful gift ,,,Its only because of wonderful souls like u and lot of real good people who value words that i have continued writing --this feels like a huge motivation --Thanks a lot --i did not know ur blog till now on i will check urs -Thanks Again-I dont have enuf words to say how happy im now --Keep Writing !!!

  3. I love your answers dear :) Nice one!!!

  4. Hello...Thanks for the award and acknowledging my blog. I will definitely write a post in my blog about you!! Thanks again...:)

  5. Interesting blog. I shall return!

  6. @ Marliyn : Yes!!It's indeed very necessary to concentrate on the Positives of life. I always say I'm B+ not just by blood group but by thoughts too. Keep visiting!!! :)

  7. @ Shan: Words are meant to be valued and when they come from heart of people like you , their worth doubles up. I really appreciate your writing talent. :)

  8. @ Kriti : A bit tangy, a bit crispy and thats what the answers have to be :P

  9. @Dave King : Sir , I have always loved your poems. Do give some tips to me too. Cheers!!! :)

  10. Thanks for the award! I have answered, and passed it on!

  11. Congratulations Surbhi for this award and thanks for sharing it with me! Truly honoured!
    Interesting answers, got to know a bit about you! :)
    A very happy and a joyous 2013 to you and your family. Cheers :)

  12. Thank-you so much ma'am. Wish you the same :)


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