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The big zingy eyes under the black fur mask enraptured Varun. Amongst ten other artists playing "Ramleela", his eyes were fixed on just one character "Jamvant". From tip to toe, Tanya was wrapped in black-hairy dress with the beard mask giving her a manly look. The fulminant ligament stretch of Varun brought Tanya in spotlight. She could mimic the man's voice well. Dramatics was not her cup of tea but she tried to brew a coffee to fit in the place.

Stageplay scene:
 Ram, Laxman, Hanuman, Jamvant and Vanar-sena standing at the sea-shore musing over the present snag of how to cross the sea to check for Sita ji's whereabouts in Ravana's captivity.

The lights get focussed on Jamvant. His (actually her) entire face is masked. Only her big eyes seemed moving with her hands making gestures in symphony with the dialogues. She played fairly at this avocation.

The play-coordinator and the fellow members , all were holding their breath while she enacted. As the curtain fell, the audience applauded with whistles and clapping. And the loudest to be heard was of Varun. He was so enthralled that he tried to stand up raising his hands down until the strain in his leg pitched out his cry.

Tanya rushed from the backstage to hold him in her arms. As she curled round her arms around his waist to help him walk to the car, he softly whispered in her ears, " Thank- you".She gently rose her masked face and fluttered her eyelids saying , " Anything for you Sir!!".

Tanya drove back to their apartment. The whole way none of them uttered a word. The music playing spoke both of their hearts out.
     It's in the silences,
the words you never say
I see it in your eyes,
it always starts the same way
It seems like everyone we know,
is breaking up
Does anybody ever stay in love, anymore?
I promise you,
from the bottom of my heart
I will love you till death do us part
I promise you as a lover and a friend
I will love you like I never love again
With everything I am.

They reached their home in a jiff of 15 minutes. Tanya helped Varun through the lift to their bedroom. He sprawled on the bed and propped his right leg on soft pillows. The wicked night seemed to have caught him added with the saviour performance of Tanya. He started singing .

Don't love me for fun, girl
Let me be the one, girl
Love me for a reason
Let the reason be love.
Tanya was still in the shoes of Jamvant and bited witting ,"Jai Shree Ram ". Varun winked at her. He could no longer wait to sit at a distance from his beloved. He wide opened his arms asking Tanya for a cuddling embrace. Tanya rolled her eyes and spoke from under the mask, " Let me remove this beardy mask."
Varun insisted her to sit in his lap ( just one leg-lap, the right leg was under strain). She felt embarrassed and her cheeks blushed but weren't visible under the mask. She then gently stepped towards him holding the solution in her hand to remove the mask easily and fell in his strong arms. He hugged her more tight and said ," You are my heart."
He let her loose and held her beardy face in his hands.
"What if  you too have a dense thicket like this always??", he cracked.
"Then you will have to crave for an interlocked lip kiss", she blatantly replied.
He looked straight into her eyes. Hastened to remove that beardy mask from her fair face with utmost care. As the mask was being pulled off , the skin was resisting its leave.
"See your skin is kissing the mask", he articulated.
She didn't hollo even a single time. She was in the most caring hands. The mask was being slowly separated from the skin and the beautiful face of Tanya was peeping out. The mask was still half- unplugged but he couldn't resist himself as soft pink lips unveiled from beneath the mask. He pulled her face close to his. She shyly looked down and closed her eyes. Varun caressed her lips moving his fingers over the silhouette of her lips and in no time interlocked his lips with hers.
Both were growing restless. The heat of love had aroused them. A strand of fibre-hair from the half-hanging beard made its way into Varun's mouth. He at once jerked right in the middle of action.
He blurted, " What is it?? ".
Tanya unaware of the strand- trouble passed a questioning look.
"Jamvant ji doesn't allow this", he said raising his brows , pulling out the strand smeared in his saliva.
She gripped the whole scene and laughter gags wafted into the air.
Tanya changed into her nightie. By the time Varun was lost in some deep thought. As Tanya slid into the bed, pensive Varun gently took her hands in his and softly said, " Sorry!!!".
Tanya got shocked and seated in a jump," What happened??".
"From tomorrow onwards I'll shave every evening. That single strand spoiled my whole mood. Now I understand why you always run away when I carry stubble. You never pushed me to get rid of it unlike others' wives. But the red rashes on your delicate face because of my prickly stubble says it all. Why didn't you scold me earlier??" , said the sorry Varun.
She smiled at him and said, " You man are so stubborn that our every suggestion seems an order to you. So I just gave you your time to realize your stubble- trouble".
Varun assured her with his eyes bowing down. Tanya stretched her hand in the side-by drawer and carried out a gift.
"This is for you.", she said in her most kindling tone.
Varun was flabbergasted with this odd-time present. "For me?? Why?? ".
"Just open it", she said.
When he unwrapped the box, he found a Gillete Shaving kit.
"Ahh!! You naughty Menace!!", he turned to her.
She shrugged her shoulders and said with a deceptive smile," The beard -strand  was all a plotted one just to make you realize your bristles spoil the love. I dont like you being a beard buddy."
He was amazed by her witty plan. He put the gift into use and a few moments later went close to her with the clean fragrance , switched off the lamp to interlock her in dark.
PS : This post written by me should be taken as an audacious step to sit under the Eiffel. All characters are fictitious and bear no resemblance to any living or my life. Thank -you BLOGADDA for making me write an extremely out-of-the-blue post.
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  1. Immersed in the words, I could see Ramayana being enacted in this virtual space. well written:)

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