Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Captain's Thinking Cap

Life is iffy.
Shit happens but life goes on and on.

These are the words of Capt. (Ex.) Rajat Mishra – an ex- NDA, ex -Army officer and IIM Ahmedabad alumnus who was not born as a prodigy but went on to become a Living Legend, who was born as a righty but chose to be a lefty and became ambidextrous. Sometimes there comes a time in your life when you are completely depressed and dismayed, your fire is extinguished and an external flame is needed to rekindle your lamp. He is one such lamp who keeps on kindling the blown out ones with his own flame. He lights to light up others. It's said Good things happen to Good people. But when I came to know Mr. Rajat, I realized Good things are made to happen by Good people.

I never knew I would be coming across some of the chosen few. And he stands amongst those chosen few. I hereby take extreme pride to dedicate this post to the chivalric knight Mr. Rajat Mishra. I am extremely grateful to Pagalguy which made me land on his space and imbibe myself with an all-new zeal and exuberance.

While I was surfing Pagalguy threads for admission related queries, I found a puy who was completely disheartened and shattered for his poor results. The MOD provided him with this link autobiography of Rajat Mishra . I nonchalantly went through this link and within a few minutes, I was flabbergasted to find such a Real Hero who hasn't succumbed to any of the blockades and went on to win each of it. At every inch, he was brought down to his knees by this iffy life but as he says Shit happens but Life goes on and on. And he too went on to be crowned as the winner. I was highly actuated to read his autobiography and the responses from across the world. He has inspired thousands of dispirited hearts and is treading on towards millions. I was so moved to read him that I decided to dedicate this post to him and contribute in reaching him to millions. Please accept my tribute, Sir.

Coddled in the teenage fun
Was a boy from Jabalpur
Enjoying life with candyfloss
Was he glossed in the merry rain?

But a candy unwrapped bitter
His brave father smilingly succumbed to Leukaemia
First time he realized
He too stood in the OTHERS' circle
Those Others who are subjected to all the vagaries and uncertainties
Dealing with the misfortunes was his turn now.

Shouldered with the responsibility of
A brave mother and a sweet sister
He went on to complete father's last wish.
Joined the prestigious NDA
Became a cadet
Three (plus one) year of hardships
Garnished with fun, fervour
Delight and discipline
Came out the Lieutenant
With the cap in air
And stars on the shoulder.
The  10+2-3 degree (torture)
Got commissioned in the army corps of EME.

Seemed the weather has changed
Salubrious breeze flew
Stupid cupid too struck his bow
Love and life both were in full swing
When suddenly the tractor got hold of him
Dismantled he was transported to docs.

He woke up after five long days
When Tsunami hit the nation
He was hit by the surgical action
Amputated right hand, broken teeth, plastered legs
Was all he managed
But didn't wallow for the irrecoverable loss
Instead asked for a chocolate shake.

Making everyone smile was his prime aim
While doing stunts on the wheel chair
Stupefied everyone in the hospital.
The officers gave him two choices
A stagnant Continual or another career withholding the army rank.
He chose the latter and battled against life once again
To search for new options.

Sister came to his rescue
Decided to go back to school
But this time a big B-school.
Slogging day and night for three months
In Pune army camp
He became a student again
Learning, forgetting, revising
Became his daily routine.

Puys on one hand
Determination on the other
Crowned him with a good score
In GMAT(740) and CAT.
That was all to embark on glad.

IIM-A over ISB was a wise decision
For he was a newbie in management
Two years in WIMWI was a bumpy ride
With mammoth mugging and loss of first love
But skidded smooth when
Cupid struck right this time
Seeking the blessings of one and all
Was he happily married for then and ever
Blessed with his angel daughter
A proud father is he now
Proudly puts on his Captain's Cap
To salute the life with a serene smile.

Ciao people!!!
Ciao life!!!



  1. Hi Surbhi, this was simply fantabulous... thanks a lot for all the kind words... Was an incredibly pleasent surprise, one of a kind....
    Needless to say you write really really well... :)


    1. Thank-you Captain for your acknowledgement. Well you deserve this. :)

  2. -- Every aspect has been beautifully captured ,Surbhi .. Kudos to you ! :)
    -- Bro , hats off once again ! :)

    1. Thank-you Raksha Di. Cheers to you too for standing by him and supporting him all the way. :)


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