Thursday, January 31, 2013

Happiness Comes in Small Packets

Date: January 31, 2013
Time: 1:45 p.m.

Ting tong!!!
"Who's there???", I asked
"Courier", a voice called from outside
"Mumma!!! Book ! book!" I jumped from my place and rushed to collect my very first novel.
"Sign here." A little bit of formalities.

The courier boy handed over the cyan-envelope to me. The envelope was addressed to me with Blogadda label at the bottom.

Yeah!! Yuuhooooo. I received it. Truly, Happiness comes in small packets and I'm holding that packet.

Hey! people reading this. It's true that Blogadda cares for its bloggers. Provides them with opportunity now and then to come up and showcase their talent to all those likely bloggers and readers. Grab your copy now . Participate now. Who knows the next is you.

Right now I'm on cloud nine. Here comes my heartiest wishes for Blogadda team.

I'll be posting the review within next few days. Till then Happy Blogging Buys.

P.S. Generally we call our friends Guys, our fellow peers Puys. So why not to call our fellow bloggers Buys. :P :P :P

Hioy'oy Hoi Polloi


  1. Hey thats great! Congratulations! :) For what have you written a review?
    Btw I have joined your site :)

    1. Thank-you Akash for following. Keep visiting. :)


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