Saturday, February 9, 2013

Pappu Can Love , YaaYaa!!!

Who says Pappu can't love saala??
Our Pappu can love yaara!!!

Pappu got admission in college. Yes!! Pappu pass ho gaya  in the pre-engineering test. He stepped out of his Pappu-land to embark on his new journey. New place, new faces, new chicks (:P), new books (:D) Pappu was all ready to attend his very first class in this new college.

First Year

New sun, New day.
First class.

Came in the professor. A tall man with big eyes and no books in hands.
"Perhaps professors here are more intelligent or have rather ate all of the books all these years",thought Pappu.

The man ran his eyes through the class. Among all, our  Pappu stood different. Pants lingering above the socks, white socks peeping out of the black shoes and pants covered with an oversized tee shirt. This was our outstanding Pappu.

"Yes! Boss!!!", called the prof. pointing at Pappu.
"I forgot my book in my cabin. Get it", ordered the prof.
"He is not intelligent", sighed Pappu, "What will he teach me now? ".

He rushed through the corridor to get the book." I should get back to the class before the prof. pours out his gyaan", worried Pappu took long fast steps.

He knocked at the door saying Prof. Ranga Nath.

"Yesss ! Come in", came the voice.

Pappu stepped inside and turned stone.

A beautiful Lady was hassling with the computer. ( Yes! this is a desktop. No laptop. No tablet. It's long-ago Pappu time. )

Her black long tresses cascaded down her waist. Wearing a pink checkered shirt over a frilled white skirt, she seemed one of the Jaismine, Oh! Daisy, Oh! Snow white. Yes! she seemed one of the fairy Pappu studied in his bed-time stories. He glued his gaze on the debonair beauty until she raised her eyes to check Who is in?

"Yes! what do you want?", asked the Snow White.
"YOU", how hard Pappu wanted to say this but Alas!
"Book", came out from his chord pushing aside the yearning "YOU".
"Oh!! Dad forgot it again. Here it is.", as she said , all the bells stopped ringing, the gentle zephyr got freezed and Pappu got a jerk.
"Dad?? She is prof's daughter", mumbled Pappu.

Shattered Pappu lifted the book (seemed like carrying 14.2 kg cylinder), dragged his feet and with a heavy heart reached the door.

"Hey! wait", called Miss Daisy, Oh! sorry Snow White from behind.

Pappu got filled with joy and happiness. The broken heart got fixed again. The drooped shoulders went straight and turned behind the Hunk- Pappu.

"Do you know how the internet works?",asked the lady. ( Internet was a newly introduced chapter then.)
"Yes! I do", bragged Pappu grinning his teeth.
"Actually I need to send my report", she said.
"Medical report??", thought Pappu. ( See how fast his brain runs.)
"Which Report", he asked.
"Indian history to my prof. sitting in Delhi", she answered.
Breathed Pappu in relief, "Oh!! history student."
"Yes! I'm here for a few days and using dad's free internet to the best"', she winked.

Yes! Snow white winked, Pappu blushed. Looked down and stared at his shoes.
The laces looped like eight. ( Nerdy brain!)

He gathered courage and looked straight, "But you don't know internet, right?".
"But you know, right?", she cheekily said.

Pappu was filled with confidence for she reposed in him.

"Yes! I do", said he adjusting his spects on his nose.
"Can my technical skills get me a sweet heart?", questioned Pappu to his heart.
"Go on Paeepee", called his heart.

Double click, pop-up, click, typing, click, attaching, click, SEND.

"Here you go", said Pappu.
"So simple it is.", she said.
"Yes it is.", smiled Pappu.
"But I hate computers. So am poor at it.", blurted Snow white.

Stonned was Pappu. Bleeding red. He was going to be a Computer Engineer after all. The heart broke down to pieces. No Fevicol could bring the pieces together this time.

"Keep trying. You will learn it", were Pappu's parting words. An intellect bye. ( you see)

Day and night Pappu slogged in. Shattered Pappu had only books to lean on. After all Computer Science was his first love.
Will this love envy his second love??? Pappu often regretted for being a CS engineer.

Days went on. Nights passed with both the loves lingering in his mind.

The Snow white popped in the scene again in her vacation. She joined the ' Ringa Ringa computer classes'. And so do Pappu to make both the loves shake hands.

She bloomed more and more with each passing class. Pappu sat behind gazing her ripple flairs.

Usual chit-chats, hello, hii, whats up commenced in the class. Pappu drove close to her in the problem class. Solving her questions, clearing her doubts, Pappu honed the computers everytime.

The first year ended this how.

Second Year

Came the second year and Pappu buttered the prof. with his scores. ( See! you have to impress the father-in-law first). But Snow white was lost somewhere. Pappu searched for her on internet but alas!she hated the net. No profile.No contact. Passed yet another year.

Third Year

The third year striked and snow white appeared. Yet another vacations. This year she looked more enchanting than ever. Pappu felt timid to approach her. Just watched her steps which stopped at 'Ringa Ringa computers' again.

"This one month course is for internet learning", said she when Pappu asked her what brought her here again.
"Hmm..The previous Basic course went fine. So internet this time", retorted Pappu.

Pappu didn't enroll for the classes. Why would he?? Afterall he was the master of internet. He joined previously just for her. But this time he waited for her outside the class.

It was her birthday. (Lucky Pappu! Her b'day fell in vacation.)
Sad was she. For no friends in hometown. All college buddies were busy in their own town.

Pappu took this chance and asked her for ' Ponga Pool Restro'. She agreed and they went for celebration. Pappu was nervous. First time he was going on an avowed date. He was sweating. He was shaking. But still accompanying her.

The cake and candles, clapping and wishes was all they did in the first phase. Came the second phase when Pappu yearned to put his heart before her. A night before he had prepared all the dialogues he would say to her in his confession. But heck! he couldn't remember any of them now.

He initiated,"It is good you are learning computers".
"Yes! Pacing with the technology is good", she said.

A little blah-blah.

But all this while Pappu's heart was beating in his ears. He was sweating. He was shaking.

"Thank-you for helping me", Snow white said.
"Oh!! my pleasure everytime". Pappu was still preparing the words to push out of his chord but what came out was, " My CPU usage goes 100% when I'm with you".

"Haha",she chuckled.
Pappu shocked.

"Yes! Yes! you will keep scoring 100%. I'm with you.", she smiled.

Oh!! Poor Pappu was mistook. The history student didn't know what CPU usage is? She took it as some subject or something as nuts and bolts.
Pappu's broken heart broke down into double the pieces.

Fourth Year

Pappu was still hoping of tying his love ends. Waiting for Snow white's vacation made Pappu drool around.
This time it was Pappu's birthday. Pappu is damn lucky boy!!!
She asked him to go back to 'Ponga Pool Restro'.
Again a cake and candles, wishes and celebrations formed the first phase. Came the second phase and Pappu wretched again.

"Hey! What is your CPU score?", she initiated.
He gathered courage and said, "75%".
"What? this low?", she was dismayed.
"Yes! you are not with me", drooped Pappu.

She placed her hand on Pappu's hand. Pappu was shocked and got rejuvenated with her soft touch. Electrifying moment for Pappu.

"What is the score now?", she asked.
"100%",Pappu exclaimed.
"Oh! why you took it so long Pappu ??"
He just stared and stared and winked at her. ( Oh!! Pappu- the hunk).

"I studied CPU usage this vacation and got hold of your brainy statements and hearty feelings".
"That's so sweet of you Snow white". (Yes! Pappu had been calling her all these years with this name only.)

"You know what is my nick name?"
Ah!! an out-of-the-blue question in a romantic scene.
"No", Pappu said blankly.
"They call me Kappu with love".

"Oh!! I love you Kappu", Pappu jumped from his couch, held her hand and bent down on his knees. This time he looked straight into her eyes and asked," Will you make my CPU usage 100% for lifetime??"

She nodded in yes. Kappu blushed and Pappu was floored.

Finally at the end of the engineering, Pappu tied both his loves (Computer and Snow white) in a knot called HEART. Happily ever after were Pappu and Kappu with 100% score on their CPU meter.

YYY                              YYY                                 YYY

P.S. Engineers are crazy.They see technical in everything around them. Well CPU usage shows CPU's capacity at any given time on multi-tasking environment. So 100% means full utilisation of CPU. Although 100% CPU usage should be avoided but as they say Everything is fair in love and war.
Pappu was damn lucky! you will say ,but you should also know looks and weight turn out to be mere numbers when you are in real love. That's why Snow white was hooked to the nerdy Pappu.
So a very  happy Valentine week to you all.
Feel the love, Live the love and Love the Love.
Hioy'oy Hoi Polloi
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  1. OMG! such a cute a love story, surbhi! :) I wish I had one like this...The story is innocent and really really awesome...I liked the things you wrote inside the brackets...Lucky pappu...The line cpu usage is 100%...Epic!....very intelligent and romantic :) happy blogging!

    1. Haha :D
      Well!!! I wanted my readers to sink themselves in my story. So used the brackets.
      Let your imagination fly and a result like this will appear on your space too. :D

  2. hh aha
    cute . straight out of a small romantic novel :)

    1. Oh!!! accepting your 'novel' comment as appreciation. :D
      Welcome aboard. :)

  3. its a mixture of cuteness, fun and many many more things :) Good read Surbhi :)

  4. Literaly cute love story with a joy filled depiction ... God bless

    1. Thank-you for liking it. It's my first try at being witty :D

  5. CUTE CUtE SUPER CUtE--- Cutest... I am a sucker of Cuteness. Loved it :) . KUdos!! Keep the cuteness coming baby!!

    1. Yuhhuuuu.. Appreciation from a cute girl !!!!
      I'll keep the cute smiles lingering over you :)


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