Monday, April 22, 2013

Soldier For Women - III

Soldiers have a tough torso but inside the tough shield lies a soft heart. Winning hearts with silly stupid smiles is the only thing I learnt from this soldier who accidentally barged into the same bogie where I was sitting while heading for Ajmer. The name of this soldier is Anshul Agarwal. I never believed in destiny but after meeting him, I started believing that everyone is destined for something and he will eventually get it what he is destined for.
I met him as a stranger and he started calling me "Chittor ki Gudiya". He acted as a shield to protect me from the cruddy shells in a new city. He pampered me like his younger sister before we got to know that we were actually tied in this bond. Yes! he is my cousin brother but we never knew about each other until the train conflict.
I'm dedicating this post to you Bhaiya for all the support and happiness you brought me all these years. I always yearned for an elder sibbling but who knew this wish of mine would be heard so early. I know you hate poems, that's why I am scribbling down a little one for you. A sweet headache plattered with gratitude just for you.
Anshul Agarwal- The Soldier.

"Hehehe Kya samaj aya
Arey beta !
Apan to farzi hai
Tu sabse badi badmash hai
Tu to apni gudiya hai."
Some words which you always stick to
Some words which I love to hear from you.
Silly stupid talks
Trying to pace up with you
Hammering your gyaan into me
Going mad at bakery of
Mango masala and Swami
Lifting the heavy black bags
Resembling the terrorists
Making fun of mechies
Discussing PG stuff at length
Making the first call on my every birthday
Making out my voice from every unknown number
Pulling me out from every grey phase
Throwing me into pink park everytime
Endless roundabout talks
Ending nowhere
Still continuing now and then
Your calmness of sea
Your candidness with me
Tied me with you in a more strong knot
Surpassing the blood relations
You blessed me with smiles.
Your smiles are my reason to smiles
Stretching across miles.

Hioy'oy Hoi Polloi
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