Monday, April 22, 2013

Soldier For Women - V

“Women without her Soldiers would be like God without His angels.”
What happens when God has no angels beside him? Does he look for a new angel or manages all tasks alone?
Women are considered to be the creator of this world. They are the human Gods on this earth. But what happens when God is disrespected? When God is abused for his creation? When God is shackled? Then our soldiers become the angels to bring back the lost dignity of God. I dedicate this post to one such person who had spread his wings to provide God with a safe shelter.
Mr. Dharamveer Yadav, Centre Coordinator, CUTS CHD, Chittorgarh, Rajasthan is the soldier for women.
Mr. Dharamveer Yadav
(Consumer Unity and Trust Society- Centre for Human Development)
In 1983, CUTS, a rights advocacy group, began out of a rural development communication initiative, a wall newspaper entitled, Gram Gadar (Village Revolution). It regularly reaches far-flung and remote villages of the Rajasthan State and has been instrumental in providing a forum for the vulnerable communities and under-privileged classes to get justice. To facilitate intervention process for 'community-based action programmes' at the grassroots level, the Centre for Human Development (CHD) was established in the year 1990 in the village Senti of Chittorgarh district. For more details visit here. 
Women in Rajasthan are looked upon as the dependent miserable creatures. In the dark house of Shambhupura district, a women was being sexually harassed by her husband. Not enough, she was forced to sleep with other men. And if she denied, the toll was charged on her three daughters. This is one of the most heinous act when a father sexually molests his very own daughters just to allay his cravings. The cries and sobs were all suppressed behind the doors. Until one day, when Mr. Dharamveer Yadav got to know of this family. He at once adopted all the three girls and pulled them out of the kingdom of demon. 
The girls in their tender age of 13, 8 and 3 years respectively were subjected to the obscene reality staining the sacred relation of father and daughter. They had lost their innocence in the lust and luxuria of their father. But it never ends until it has ended. So Dharamveer became their father and showered all his care and assistance over the girls.
Presently, the girls are studying in a reputated school of Chittorgarh. The financial assistance is provided by CUTS. They have also been given a house to make it a home. Their mother is made self-dependent and now she sews clothes to feed her family.
Dharamveer says, after the schooling, the girls will be sent to Jaipur for their graduation. He has tried his best to give the girls a new life with a new vision. Now, the girls are all set to spread their wings to fly high.
Hioy'oy Hoi Polloi

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