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Hiccups - Book Review

About the Book
Title: Hiccups
Author: Harsh Pande
Publisher: Jaico Publishing house
ISBN: 978-81-8495-414-2
No. of pages: 325
Price: INR 199
Genre: Fiction/ Love story
About the Author

Harsh Pande was born and educated at Pune. In spite of suffering from complex orthopedic disorders by birth, which entailed a battle for rehabilitation through several surgeries, he displayed an unusually resilient spirit and a remarkable lust for life. He topped the Maharashtra State Board Examinations both in the 10th and 12th standards while studying at St. Vincent's High School and Junior college. He also represented the West Zone in the popular and televised Bournvita Quiz Contest while at school. He then graduated with a distinction from the prestigious College of Engineering Pune winning a gold medal at the Tata Research Development and Design Centre during his internship.
A successful Computer Engineer, he was selected into one of the leading consulting firms in the world. Through all these years, writing had remained a consistent passion. He wrote actively for the school and college magazines, posted regularly on his widely popular blog http://harshpande.blogspot.in and also found time to launch a very mischievous 'Project Breakup' on Facebook. Those who came in contact with him were fascinated by his wit and indomitable cheerful attitude towards life.
Hiccups is his debut novel; the inspiration for which was "an epiphany" he experienced while holidaying in Goa. You can find more about him at http://harshpande.com
Harsh Pande, sadly, passed away on 23rd April 2012. He was 24 years,3 months and 16 days old.
Harsh used to inspire by saying 
“No one has a monopoly on ideas!”
“You have to experience life before you can express it.”
The Cover Speaks
The book cover is endearing and attracting. A smiling lady in the embrace of a man with colourful "HICCUPS - A love story with a difference" catches one's eyes. The black cover with floating pink hearts gives it a soft touch.

" You came into my life and changed everything... forever. Before you walked into my life, all I did was survive... you made me rediscover what it means to be alive."
Hiccups is a tender love story. It revolves around the life of the protagonist and his struggles  - caring for his mother, paying for his engineering expenses and doing well in his studies.  What happens when he meets a beautiful, witty and intelligent girl with a penchant for the good things in life?

Destiny brings the two of them together under the unlikeliest of circumstances. What follows is a fascinating journey that will change their lives forever.
Book Review
Hiccups is truly a love story with a difference. The most distinguishing factor of the book is that the protagonist and his beloved are given no names throughout the book. Yet there arose no need of calling  the protagonist by any name. See the beauty of the script! 

This entire script depicts how profound knowledge the author held right from G.K. to relationships to the essence of life. 

The boy lost his father at the age of eleven and now is shouldered with the responsibility of her comatose mother. He struggles to pay the hospital bills and his college fees by his academic excellence winning one or the other quiz. At such a quiz called 'Fastermind', he meets a girl who brings life to his dead life. He comes out to be very witty and amusing throughout the quiz. The dialogues woven by the author are superb. She chases him to discover why such an intelligent guy keeps himself isolated from the world, what is his secret lair where he rushes as soon as the classes end? As she finds out the truth, their few days friendship seems to be stabbed by her stupid act. He blames her of spying him. What happens next? Does their friendship resumes or she is cursed with the blot of a spy?

Will the boy ever see his mother again or will he carry the burden of his ill-fate?

Why do the victories feel like defeats?
Why has the joy been replaced by sorrow?
How much longer will fate fill anguish into my story?
Will I ever witness the sunshine of redemption, in all its glory?
Hiccups- a discotheque is the place where story takes turn and read out more to find what happened there. Some of the lines quoted by the protagonist hits the nail. They make you laugh, they make you feel his emotion, they leave you in the awe of his persona. 

The night arrives just to watch her dance,
The moon peeks through the clouds, just to get a glance.
The slushy mushy conversation will sweep you off your feet. The beauty of the lady and collectednesss of the lad weave an aura in the story. Their pranks make way to gags. Their combat leaves you in despair. Their sweet talks keep you engrossed. 

The book shows the battle of a boy through the trauma of losses but his never-say-die spirit will make you impose your faith and reverence in the character. The beauty with brain also keep you hitched to the book. 
My favourite lines from the Hiccups are
"Whenever something unfortunate happens... we should not ask 'Why did this happen?' These questions have no answers. Because it is not our duty to ask questions of God or our Destiny. All we have to do is move on and live our lives. And that life is all about finding out what happens next."
I feel like author has left his soul in the book. He has penned down his understanding of life, relations and destiny in form of a sweet story. All I can say is, "I'm falling short of words to describe how amazing the magic of Hiccups is. Take a bow, Harsh!".

In a Nutshell
The book is a true roller coaster of emotions. From chuckling to laughing to weeping, it endorses human heart in every way. Grab a copy and start reading it. I bet you will remain lost in the hiccup of Hiccups.
My Rating
Hioy'oy Hoi Polloi


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