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The Guardian Angels - Book Review

About the Book
Title: The Guardian Angels
Author: Rohit Gore
Publisher: Grapevine India Publishers
ISBN: 9789381-841280
No. of pages: 328
Price: INR 125
Genre: Fiction/ Love story
About the Author
Rohit Gore is the author of best selling novels 'Circle of three', 'A darker dawn', 'Focus, Sam'.
Rohit  grew up in a number of towns in India. At various times in his childhood, he wanted to be a theatre actor, an architect and a bookshop owner.

After completing his engineering degree, he based himself in Mumbai. An MBA from S P Jain Institute followed and since then he has been working in the IT industry.

He loves sports, specifically the discussing and watching part of it, since the playing days are long gone. He has travelled a lot – a consequence of living in Mumbai and London. His greatest passion is reading and it inspired him to write. He is a frequent contributor to many online writing forums and wishes there were more writing groups.
He currently lives in Pune, a wonderfully vibrant city with his wife Pranita .He has a keen interest in history, especially the history of music and the arts. One of the things he would like to get better at is photography.
The Cover Speaks
I fell in love with the cover at the very first sight. As they say, "Don't judge a book by its cover" but the cover promises an intriguing love story with the tinge of friendship. The back turned girl with wisps of tress falling on her face enclosed inside the silhouette of a man and the yellow hue draws one towards itself. The dust jacket saying "Brilliant and Addictive" prompts one to read the story at a stretch.
The Guardian Angels is the epic and tumultuous story of two star-crossed lovers who weren’t just soul-mates but were also each other’s protectors.
The fates of Adi Mehta and Radha Deodhar are deeply entwined when within days of their first rendezvous they save each other’s lives. Despite their vast sociopolitical differences, they are drawn to each other and to an uncertain future fraught with contrasting ambitions, personas and ideologies.
. . . he is the son of a billionaire, she is the daughter of a socialist.
. . . he is quiet and unassuming, she is a firebrand and spirited.
However, an unexplained phenomena ties them forever – whenever they are in peril, they are each other’s only saviours.
Over the following two decades Adi and Radha live through hope and despair, joy and sadness, and try to decipher their relationship. As the truth of their bond is revealed, they must confront the true nature of love, and ultimately, their destinies.
Book Review
The story is narrated in five intriguing parts.
I- When Adi and Radha were Teenagers
II- When Adi and Radha were in their late teens
III- When Adi and Radha were in their Twenties
IV- When Adi and Radha were in their Thirties.
V- The Present Day
The story kick starts in the 'Bullyzone' of school ground where Adi sees Radha for the first time. They become each others' saviours and come to the rescue of each others' lives. Adi emerges as a promising cricket player getting praises and blessings from legends. He was on the way to become the next Sachin Tendulkar when destiny blows off his only passion and forbids him to held his bat aloft in air again. At this point for the first time he gets to see the motherly side of her business woman mother who leaves aside all her work to look after her.
Adi and Radha always run-in over petty trivial issues and this is how they develop a strong bond. The author has nicely portrayed how their small disputes brings them close. As Adi leaves for US to pursue higher education, Radha stays back and joins Sudha Bapat, a social activist following the footsteps of her father.
The hereditary Huntington's disease in Deodhar family plays a major role in Adi and Radha's relationship. As they grow up, love triangles also appear and story takes an interesting twist. Adi pulls off Mehta group from the puddle while Radha uses the might of her pen in Oorja. Time takes turn and unveils the real motives of Sudha Bapat. Drained of all energy Radha drags herself with Vedant, editor of Oorja . And Adi finds pleasure with Nicole, his collegemate. What happens to these couples? What Huntington's hunts for? What Adi and Radha  are destined for ? Numerous questions popping up gets answered in The Guardian Angel.
The story is put up in Radha's diary alongwith putting light on other characters. I liked the way author has put up the story in form of Radha's ramblings. Lucid flow of words gives life to each character and it seems the entire plot is running right in front of your eyes.
Rohit Gore! You have proved the might of your pen. Kudos!!!
In a Nutshell
I found myself lost in the book as soon as I started reading it. Get yourself a cup of coffee and push yourself in the chair to let the magic unwind. Love, friendship, social rebels, politics, disease, relations will all tie you in a bond with the book.
My Rating
Hioy'oy Hoi Polloi

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