Sunday, January 12, 2014

Recharge Life with Recharged Hair


Rapunzel had long, strong, recharged hair. All say it's a fairy tale. No one can have such recharged hair. But I'm also no less than a fairy. She had long hair to keep the witch young. So I too thought of some fairy tale reasons to recharge my life with my recharged tresses.

1. To recharge my laptop


Whenever power goes off, my laptop starts taking last breaths. I have lots of important work to do like meeting the deadline of contests like this, dropping mails to Santa everyday, edit photographs, bully the juniors with e-assignments, chat with friends and many more. Huff!!!! I'm so busy to tell you the long list. So with my perfect recharged hair, I will recharge the dying battery of my laptop just like Rapunzel's magical hair and finish off the long list easily. I think perhaps my hair will soon be declared as the alternate source of power.

2. To get my mobile recharged


The market is flooded with smart appliances. I came to know that soon a 'smart recharge' facility will be available to customers like me. Since I have smart recharged hair, so I will just need to show the network providers my lovely tresses and they will recharge my mobile phone. Yuhuuuuuu!!!! Now I can talk to anyone and everyone till my balance zeroes and again get my smart phone recharged with smart top-up with my smart recharged hair.

3. To save my cycle from getting punctured                    

I daily have to travel through the thickets to reach my institute and in the way the bicycle tyre deflates most of the times. But since I have silky tresses, I will put all my hair in front and sweep the way for prickly stones and spines which puncture the tyre. I'll save more pennies now. Yeah!!!!!

4. To slap the goons with my super -powered tresses


My strong recharged hair are powerful enough to make me a Supergirl. Now if I'll find any of the goons bullying either me or my friends then I'll smash them hard with my super strong recharged hair. A single strand of my strong hair will make them run away. 

5. To recharge my bank account


As I said above, this is the era of smart people, so I just came to know from Raghuram Rajan that RBI is soon going to launch a 'smart policy'. This smart policy will be introduced for the welfare of smart yet poor people like me. According to it, every month the leading hair care brands like Sunsilk will credit 10% of their monthly profits into the bank accounts of people having strong recharged hair. They will do so because they will make common-smart people their gully-celebrities publicizing their brand in every corner of the country. I'm so happy that I'm one of the eligible smart Rapunzel. 

¡Salud! JJJ

This post is written for a contest by Sunsilk in association with Indiblogger.


  1. Very creative and well written :)

  2. Hahaha....Very imaginative Surbhi....The third and last ones brought chuckles :)

    1. :D I recharged you with chuckles. Yeah!!!! :-bd

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