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As Life Has No Undo - Book Review

About the Book
Title: As Life Has No Undo
Author: Abir Mukherjee
Publisher: Blackbuck Publication
ISBN: 978-163102263-0
No. of Pages: 301
Price: 160 INR
Genre: Fiction
About the Author

Abir Mukherjee is an IT professional, working in an MNC, Tech Lead who loves to sketch and write in spare time, currently residing at US. This is his debut novel. He is a book bug and a movie freak, who also like to watch cricket in spare time.

The Cover Speaks

The book looks like the last page of an engineer's note book, scribbled all over with some hearts with the name of the dream girl, some logic gates from Digital Electronics, some sketches, some faces, some doodles, just making the entire page full of a complete life story.


Campus interviews are around the corner for the final-year students of Burdwan Engineering College. Everyone is busy honing their skills at the last minute except Ankit who wishes to see his parents for the last time.
Ankit, a simple boy and mediocre student from a lower middle class Bengali family has only two aims in his life-to become a computer engineer per his parents wish and to spend his entire life with Shreeja, the lady love of his life. Shreeja is pretty, ambitious and career oriented. What happens when Debdeep walks into their lives?
Does Ankit have more things to lose than he ever imagined? Have you ever loved someone more than yourself? Have you ever felt the need of a undo button in your life?
This may be your story.

Book Review

The story appeared a real story to me. It was as if the author was very honest to his pen and wrote down the tragic tale to console himself and many others like him. Every word came out from his heart and a real story camouflaged in the name of fictional characters.

The story is about the tenth grade student Ankit, who falls for the most arrogant girl at his tutions out of a silly bet with his friend. Eventually he weaves his entire cosmos around her. He even puts his studies at stake just to be with her and opts a local engineering college just to be with her for the next four years. But the girl who was the most innocent to him takes a turn after six years of relationship and his entire life is shattered into pieces. The new best friend comes out as a cheater while the old ones still stick to him and supports him. But what happens when a lovelorn student starts finding pleasure in the puffs of cigarette, how he devastates his career, how his family reacts, how old school friends pull him back, why he finds easy to die than to live, why he turns completely insane, how life moulds him into a tough person and much more.

This is a very familiar story which many of us might have heard or might have gone through. The author was able to maintain the grip in the story though the plot crawled very slowly, sometimes getting elongated unnecessarily but build the scenes well enough. What is important, the author came out successful in proving his point that life is more precious than the ones who just don't give a shit to you. Live for the ones you love and you will love life.

My Rating


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