Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Plait Play

I wanna play 
I wanna plait
I wanna play Plait-play
I wanna plicate
I wanna pleat
I wanna play with my tress
I wanna bloom in my dress
With a braid twisted at my back.

Play the pony high in the play
Poking the pinky said she
Tie the bundle high
Let the strands hang free.

Twist the hair left 
Twirl them on right
Mess them in the middle
Leave the wisps to fly free
Making you look a pretty bee.

Braid the hair in heart shape
Let the mane fall free
Set the tresses free
Plait your heart
in twists and turns
Impress his heart
With your braid-heart

Water falls down the hills
Let my hair fall over knees
Cascade of ripples
Falling free at my back
Quench the thirst of his black eyes.

My locks lock themselves
in a mess so pretty
I love this style 
Even if it's silly.

V is for Victory
V is for Valentine
I tie my hair in a peculiar way
That he asks me," Will you be my Valentine?"

He wears a bow on his shirt
And I wear a bow in my hair
Their eyes bow
on seeing our pair
Wearing a bow both sides.

He keeps playing strings
Pleasing with the melody
I strangle my hair into strings
To let him play with bliss.

Roses bloom in the garden
But I want them on my head
I twirl my tufts into roses
To present him with a bouquet of tress-roses.


¡Salud! JJJ
This post is written for a contest by #DovePlay in association with Indiblogger.

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