Thursday, December 11, 2014

Akshaya Patra - Unlimited food for Education

  •                           I am going to #BlogToFeedAChild with Akshaya Patra and BlogAdda.
  I'm very grateful to Blogadda for taking up such a noble cause to feed the children who quell their hunger each day. 

  One day while I was travelling to my hometown, my bus stopped at a city nook. In the hot summers, what all a passenger looks for is a window seat and cold drinks. I was lucky to get a window seat and when the bus halted I peeped out of the window to look for cold drinks. Generally one finds young boys shouting 'Thandaa , thandaa'. A little boy, dark and lean who appeared of 8-9 years came inside the bus with his bag full of chilled water bottles and cold drinks. As he came near to my seat, I stopped him for one water bottle. While paying him, I asked 'How old are you?' He lied so confidently,'14 years'. I stared at him, wished to scold him but I just said,'But you don't look like a fourteen -year old.' He just took the money and hurried towards the end-seats. As he finished selling and made his way to get down of the bus, I again stopped him and said, 'Do you  go to school?' He retorted, 'No, but my brother goes to read, write and eat midday meal.' He continued,'I earn to feed my stomach.' This one-minute chat with the little boy set me pondering how people, even children are made to strive to feed their starving stomach. 


  Everyday we come across such persons at railway stations or by roadside signals who sit with their little kids begging to feed them. Sometimes passer-by drop coins out of sympathy and sometimes walk through straight,ignoring them sensing it as their daily business. 

  This noble cause of feeding children with food in classrooms has been taken up by an NGO, Akshaya Patra Foundation. They are doing a commendable job aiding the schools with midday meals. The Government of India had started the mid-day meal programme to fulfill two aims at one go, first to improve literacy rate and second to feed the poor hungry stomachs. Neither can I go and teach nor can I feed the hungry children, I can do one thing, I can help Akshaya Patra to grow and expand to feed more and more children in classrooms. While the poor kids come to school in the lure of food, they return home nourished and nurtured.

                              Help the future of nation nourish and nurture with Akshaya Patra. 




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  1. I appreciate the efforts being taken on feeding the children through midday meal.
    Buy,I hope ,you are aware as to how many children die or are tkwn ill after eating food supplies as part of midday Meal?
    So long it is not politically connected,it works.Otherwise it is corruption


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