Monday, December 29, 2014

Beardy Prince !!!

The entire college was absorbed in the excitement of its annual fest. The auditions had started and the students were rehearsing vehemently  to get a nod from the panel. This year's theme for the play was 'Beauty and the Beast'. Raghav and Rohit , the two best friends, the two dudes of the college were  known for their well built physique and good acting skills. The 'Bang-on' group of these two hunks had been winning the 'Best Play' title from past two years. Freshers were desperate to get into this group. One Fresher named Sanchit proved his mettle in front of his seniors and was the lucky guy to become a member of 'Bang-on' group. 

It was the day of audition. All the teams had worked hard to make it to the finals. It was 'Bang-on' group's number. The team members took their positions and enacted their play. The two judges praised the team for its idea and coordination of the team members. But the third judge raised a concern, "The theme is  very well worked upon. But are you sure all are assigned suitable roles??"

"Is there something missing, ma'am?", asked Raghav.

"Yes,  I think the Prince's role should be played by Sanchit. Your beard will not go with the character", replied the Judge.

All were shocked at her statement. Sanchit's joy knew no bounds to play the lead role. All thanks to his clean shaven charming look. Raghav and Rohit then realized that finished look cant be beaten by any of the beardy looks.  

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