Saturday, January 24, 2015

Healthy Child = Happy Home

"A lively child makes a home lively."

Children playing in the park, meandering around the parked vehicles, trolling in the shops while parents are stuck over the this-or-that choices, always catches the attention. They leave behind a trail of smile on our face howsoever bad is our mood. Children and their innocence are the stimuli to our happiness. Their warmth and energy fill our homes with a positive aura. Their daily hullaballoo enlivens the rigid walls. So we should take care of this energy packet. If it falls sick or gets exhausted, the home becomes a house with deadly silence. Let's see how children fill up the empty spaces in our home with their enthusiasm and pranks.

Tina loves cookies and doughnuts. Dunkin Donuts is her favourite hangout place whenever she visits the Alpha Mall. But do you think she loves doughnuts only for their varied flavours. She always picks up doughnuts of different colors and instead of putting them first in her mouth. She looks through the holes within them like a binocular and jumps high. And then put the two different doughnuts on her eyes beating behind the latest trend of sunglares. Her doughnut glares are in vouge!!!

Harry Potter and Hermoine are Tina's favourite characters. She also wants to join Harry in his school. So she keeps practicing with the broom as her flying stick , Nimbus 2000.


Harry is very naughty. He revels in his pranks all around the home. He often hides behind the door when his mother is about to enter the room. And from behind he scares her with a near-heart attack from his sudden loud 'BOOO'. 


Ron loves to splash hot coffee into the mug for a thick froth and then juggles the mug for want of more froth. Crazy Ron! He loves coffee not as the drink but for its froth.


Aditya keeps shouting all the time cheering every member now and then. He with his vibrant spirit cheers the players playing in the television and family members batting the daily household chores. No one feels tired with his hooting filling them with joy and energy. 


Eric plays his finger on the smartphone screen faster than anyone else in the family. He knows each and every function of the phone and its app. He helps Grandma to dial, papa to search for his contacts, mummy to search a recipe on youtube. He is the young smart teacher. If he isn't at home, the cellphones feel like some hollow cases ignored by all. 

Tina loves pets. She coddles her three cats more than anything, not just because they four have turned into 'Fantastic Four'. But because these cats jump over her father, tickle him, scare him, leap in his lap. Her father summons her and Tina comes up as a modest child taking away her friends to their cradle. So obedient and humble she is!!! Ah Ah, a big chocolate peeking out of her pocket speaks all of her mischief. 

The winters are around but this should not restrain the children from laughing loud, jumping around and spreading their warmth. So to keep them immune to winter diseases and infections like cold and cough, Dabur Chyawanprash is the perfect antidote. Chyawanprash has a number of herbs like Amla, Giloy (Guduchi), and more than 40 other natural ayurvedic ingredients.
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