Sunday, February 15, 2015

Pamper yourself with the Zenfone !!!

The dictionary meaning of Valentine is " A sweetheart chosen to receive a greeting on Saint Valentine's Day". Who can be the sweetheart? I asked myself.

The one who seems sweet to my heart, came a quick reply.

or Gulab Jamun
or Rasgulla

Ohho! Common, Tie your tongue and rein your brain.

Ok, so who is the sweetheart?? who is my sweetheart??

Looking around, thinking wide the only sweetheart I could find is ME. Yes!!! only me.

"Main apni favourite hoon!!! " @ Kareena Kapoor in "Jab We Met" is all what I can remember.

So this Valentine I will pamper myself. And what is the best way my dear sweetheart?

Amm... treat yourself the best. Pamper yourself with the coolest gadget. And here is the smartest new ASUS Zenfone to my indulgence. So let me flatter myself with the admirable features of ASUS.

Wallet - Friendly

ASUS being the most trusted brand and pioneer in the manufacturing of Motherboard, the heart of the device, is wallet- friendly too. It has launched a range of Zenfones with the most impressive features which have impressed my wallet also. The reasonably priced Zenfone are a must-pick to pamper myself within the billfold limit.

Selfie Freak

I'm my favourite and to capture this favouritism ASUS has come up with high quality 5-element optical formula lens. So the pixelmaster will gather more light to capture even the finest details and deliver pictures with excellent clarity, contrast and richness. What else a selfie freak wants. A super cool, dashing, bashing selfie with focus on ME, only Me and the loveliest colourful background with the chirruping me. Cheese!!!! and Click, Click are on the roll.

Fastest Finger First

With the desire to sit on the Hot Seat to play with Big B, my fingers will have to run fast and ASUS will be my mentor. It has10-finger Multi-touch Panel and Corning Gorilla Glass 3. Moreover it supports Glove Touch Input which is damn cool for the cold-stricken people like me who become more of Eskimos donned with the woolens of ten people on a single body. The Intel processor provides smooth responsiveness without any compromises handling multiple tasks together. It also provides a thrilling gaming experience. I can run fast, drive fast on the tracks of ASUS.

Long Live My Zen

Unlike the leaking water bottle which renders an empty bottle leaving me thirsty, ASUS has taken care of the battery. The power pack battery ensures hassle free talk and unrestrained engagement with my valentine.The Zenfone uses a low-power consumption processor and a power-efficient antenna design for long lasting battery life. The long talks, late night chats, e-book reading, soothing music, all can breathe free with the long lasting battery.

Beauty with Brain

ASUS Zenfone comes with the motto to turn complexity into simplicity. ZenUI that comes with a bunch of convenience features, uses Intelligence technology. It helps to keep track and manage the schedule and time with features like Asus What's Next, Do It Later and more. The UI is smart and intuitive to understand one's needs. Also, it's so chic. The colorful case with ceramic touch makes it bold and beautiful and also bumps and knock resistant. The phone can be personalized with multicolored ZEN UI options to reflect mood and personality.

So, don't you find ASUS Zenfone lovely enough to go on a date with. Common, grab it before it gets reserved and you are left single again.


This post is written for Indiblogger Happy hour Contest in association with experience #UnconditionalLove with the Zenfone. Pamper yourself !

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