Sunday, December 11, 2016

Three Wishes

"Keep your best wishes close to your heart and watch what happens!" -- Tony DeLiso

Wishes are those magical commands which we keep on chanting to the invisible God or to the extant universe. We believe that there is someone who is attentively listening to our wishes, howsoever trivial they are. Hence, we keep on wishing. But the important thing is we often ignore the fact that we are required to put in some efforts also to make them come true. No miracle happens without sweating a little. So do wish and do act. And then there will be no denying the fact that the entire universe will conspire together to make your wish come true. So here are my three ardent wishes which I hope will come true very soon.

 Wish#1 To be calm
In today's hyperactive world, one is judged for every little act he does, every single word he says. People are quick to pass on their judgement. They barely have time to analyse why one did so/ said so. They just see the final outcome and give their verdict. It is important not to lose your cool but stick with your action to defy their perspective. For instance, I decide not to attend school tomorrow as I have to deliver a speech and I have the fear of speaking in front of hundred faces. As a result my teacher will rebuke me , my friend will give me a sinister smile, my parents will scold me but I should be able to receive this criticism in a positive way and do away with my fear of public speaking by talking loud to myself, rehearsing in front of my pet, announcing myself in the family and with these baby steps, my wish of facing hundred odd faces with confidence will come true. All I have to do is be calm and work towards honing the skill. If I retaliate back to my teacher with some baseless arguments, it would be a sheer waste of time and energy. So it would be wise to put my anger in a constructive manner to shine out.

Wish#2 To help more
Everyone is fighting their own battle howsoever big or small. One should be compassionate enough to understand others' situation and do the needful. Often we relate compassion with someone who is poor, miserable or grief-struck. But real compassion should be with every person you meet, you interact with. It may be your milkman, your teacher, your colleague , your maid, your friend , the customer standing in queue along with you or the beggar you always find on your way. Sometimes what others expect is just an ear to listen to them, or just some soothing words to boost them. Help is not always materialistic. It is often entwined with emotions. So I wish to be more compassionate to every person I meet, to make him/her more comfortable, to make him/her feel pleasant when I'm around them.

Wish#3 To travel more
I want to make memories all over the world. Travelling enhances one's perception, adds to his experiences, makes him meet new faces, allows him to explore other cultures, makes him more tolerant. In short, allows him to be a reflection of the entire cosmos. "Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer." And yes I want to be richer than yesterday with each day travelling to explore more and more and allow my above two wishes to execute. 

Every wish is just like the sun and the moon. They do come true when their time comes. "Do you stop believing in the moon, just because the sun comes up?" Allow each wish to take its time to nourish itself and peep out in real.

Just never stop wishing as miracles do happen and you never know when you are the NEXT. Wishes sustain hope and hope sustains life. So keep wishing and keep acting !

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  1. You know what is the best thing about being a human? No matter how many times you fall, you never stop wishing for the best. :)

  2. Today's most of the ways to lighten human mind's agitations like listening music, meditation,yoga,reading,traveling,laughing with friends,interacting with nature.....etc are to make person calm and more comfortable with self.
    So everyone to achieve your first wish. And once you achieve first wish definitely second one will realise....

    I am sure you write this when you achieve calmness .... nice work surbhi... keep motivating us :-)

  3. Seriously your first wish is my wish too !!! :)
    …check out blogging contest here

  4. Blogging is the new poetry. I find it wonderful and amazing in many ways.


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