Sunday, January 29, 2017

Magic of Warmth

The morning started with the loud banging of drums and rhythmic euphony of footsteps. It was 26th January, Republic day of India. I felt grateful to take breath in Republic and free India. But I asked myself to reconsider my idea of taking a house near a government school. The arrow has left the quiver and it was too late to ask the landlord to give back the deposit. Nevertheless, I only wanted to wake up to the morning school bell, to enjoy the chuckle of tiny tots. But despite all my efforts to run away from the troubles of life, I attracted more of them. I sometimes laughed at myself for being the trouble-magnet. I wanted to doze off some more but the cacophony plus the loud talks of my new roommate in the wee hours made it impossible for me. My head hadn't got over from the pain of last night. It was still whirling round giving me dizziness shots. 

I stepped out of my bed and went straight into kitchen for a glass of water. Just then my eyes fell on her in the adjacent room talking at pull pitch. I wanted to curse her but I tried to keep cool. I had told her several times in the past one week to bare me some peace. I cant take any loud sounds when Migraine accompanies me but she rendered a deaf-ear to my plea. I came back to my room, latched the door but the ruckus continued to entertain me. Her phone kept on buzzing every now and then. And I could only interpret a big Thank-you from her every time. I swallowed another pain killer to bid adieu to Migraine but Alas! such a stubborn friend he is!!

How much I wanted to see the Republic day parade, the contingents marching down the Rajpath in a perfect sync and the tableaus of various states defining their rich culture. But my friend had vowed to entertain me the whole day with his painful fits. I prepared a rich coffee to serve my friend and Voila! he seems pleased with my hospitality and bid me adieu for the day to come back soon. And to my surprise, my roomie also bid adieu. I wonder if both of them are good friends and have planned together to give me a  break. I was prancing all alone on my toes.

I was surfing the internet, browsing through the glimpse of Republic day celebration, when suddenly the door bell rang. The delivery boy stood in front of me with a wrapped box and a card affixed over it. I signed as recipient and shut the door. It was not for me, but for my roomie. Out of curiosity, I took a sneak peak into the envelope and found out it was her birthday. OMG! her birthday, that's why she was up till late the previous night and today morning also she got up early to attend to the phone calls. I reconnected the dots and felt so stupid of me for cursing her secretly. After all, it was her day, once in a year it comes and she should enjoy it to the best. I was feeling a little guilty but at the same time wondered why she refrained to share her happiness with me? Am I so sick to celebrate? I suddenly stopped myself from uttering more curse words and quickly made my mind to plan a surprise for her. 

The clock had ticked 10pm but there were no sign of her. How much I was yearning for her arrival today, otherwise I would have felt at peace. I giggled to myself. I again pampered myself with a coffee in her wait. The door bell rang as I was about to sip the last of the coffee. I was excited but I kept a bland face and opened the door. She greeted me with a smile. I smiled back pretending to be naive to know nothing about the day. 

As she entered her room, I went into my room. Five minutes later, I heard a burst and she laughing out loud. The very next moment she banged into my room, pulling my hands and embracing me. Oh! What a warm wonderful moment it was. A hug from a person you just got to know by chance a few weeks back is so warm and lovely. She tickled my cheeks and said, "You naughty. Thank-you so much!". I quipped,"Its about to end. Let's do it fast!." Surprised at my words, she gave me a quizzing look. I pointed at the wall- clock and said."Just one more hour of your dominance." She laughed and dragged me to the living room. 

She quickly unpacked a lunch box and offered me the smeared cake piece with a wink,"This is all I could save for you." I happily accepted and asked, " Did you like it?"

"Oh! It will remain one of the most memorable birthdays of my life. What a tacky way!"

"Yeah! I wanted to surprise you at some odd place apart from your room so I tied a Balloon to the Bathroom latch and placed the chocolate potato cutlet cake over the bucket."

"Thank-you so much dear."

I made her cut the cutlet cake and dabbed a piece of it into her mouth. She was smiling ears to ears enjoying every bit of the cutlet cake. She asked," Did you made it on your own?"
I nodded and said,"Don't underestimate the culinary skills of your room mate."

She admired the scrumptious cake and suddenly said, "Hey! sorry for the loud talks in the morning. I tip-toed last night to make sure you are not disturbed. But in the morning I couldn't help it."

I said, "It's okay. It's just one day", eyeing her for the future talks.

She continued,"Actually last year I met with an accident and lost half of my hearing power. I got carried away in the morning and didnt realize that I can't hear but the person on other side can hear whispers too." 

I was taken aback by her sudden revelation. I caught hold of her hand and hugged her.

"You know Deaf and dumb make the best friends", I solaced her.

"I didn't know dumb can speak these days."

"Yeah, special type of dumbs."

We laughed off and the warmth of the celebration wafted into the air.

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  1. Really Magical ��☺

  2. I certainly agree to some points that you have discussed on this post. I appreciate that you have shared some reliable tips on this review.

  3. Such moments are magical indeed. Loved the ending. Sweet!


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