Sunday, January 29, 2017

Warm Magic @ Office

The heavy traffic at the crossroad was the most annoying part of my way towards office. The office was hardly 5 kms away from my home but the mammoth traffic made it a crawling journey lasting from one to one and a half hours. I was already getting late that day and the vehicles were queuing up at the junction. The red light was still on. The sun was fuming and so was I. The weather was getting hot and suffocating. The light turned yellow and every one waited on our side to see it go Green. People were getting restless and the honking of horns grew loud. Some were adjusting their helmets, some were getting ready to zoom past as the signal allows them. The lights were finally green for my side. While the other three sides freezed, people from my side rushed to get out of the crossroad junction. I too adjusted my helmet and made my way and was about to cross the road when suddenly someone flew past me. I landed onto the road and what happened afterwards, I couldn't recall.

I woke up in the hospital with a fractured hand and a fractured leg. Ghosh! I wanted to cry seeing myself in the bed. I wanted to ask the person what hurry he was in ? But no matter who I blame now, I have to take rest for another twenty days to get back to normal life. My fingers searched for my phone. The nurse said "everything including your phone and vehicle got smashed, you are lucky to have a life again." I chuckled at being called lucky.

My parents came rushing to the city to take me back to the hometown. I asked them to inform in the office about this accident. Since, I had no phone, I could not connect to my boss. But my parents were so upset at my situation that they didnt pay heed to my words.

Finally, after two days, I messaged one of my colleague on social media about the tragedy and told her my tentative joining date. Meanwhile at home, I was being pampered with turmeric milk, fruits and what not. There was a warmth in their care which kept me going.

Zoom past a month, I was hale and hearty again and was granted fitness certificate by the doctor. My family asked me to take care of myself. How much I wanted to stay back. I was going to miss them. But I had to join the office soon. I didnt want to go to the office. I wondered how no one from the corporate world asked about my well being, my whereabouts. Am I just a resource to them toiling in day and night to meet the project deadlines? I had made up my mind to put the paper same day.

I reached the office and occupied my desk. Necks turned to acknowledge me but no one came at my desk to ask about my health. My throat went dry and I rushed towards water cooler. I so wanted to leave this place right now. I realized what asset I was to the company. I strolled outside for some fifteen minutes to calm down myself. I had made my mind to go and type down a resignation letter straight away. I will find some better place to work in where people atleast consider me a human.

I went inside and stepped towards my cubicle to find my boss and team members waiting for me. My emotions suddenly changed from complaining to contemplating. As I reached my desk, my boss enquired about my health and so does everyone else. They had written "GET WELL SOON" on my desk board and put the chocolates beside the mouse. That was a very WARM moment in the office. How I was fuming at my team for being so inanimate but they were kind enough to receive me well and apologized for being unable to connect with me in absence of any contact number. Yes, I had completely forgotten about my smashed phone. I had not even renewed the sim card and the number was not in use for quite some days. I thanked them all and my fingers raced to type out a thank-you note for my team.

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