Monday, January 31, 2011


By the grace of god , the much awaited dream of mine to share up myself with this world has come true. M feeling euphoric.:-)
My fingers were itching hard to pen down something, scribble out some tangy crap which we all wish somewhere deep down in some corner of our heart.

We wish to be the king of this world, to enjoy every moment to the fullest,spreading out the cheer & the thumping smile compelling everyone in touch with us to dance to the tune of the overwhelming joy.:)

Adding stars to the bright sparkling moments , some indispensable special "MAGI" fill up the left over abandoned space. And thus our castle seems to be brimming with the huge tidal waves of fervour, gaiety, joy and fun. Air seems to be fiddling perfectly to the tune of our favourite vocal.

U know when such above-said dreamy dream turns up true to my eyes???? Its when I'm with the best flinted precious stones safely treasured in my cozy basket.
To your amazement these priceless stones are my life. Yeah!!! I'm not lying. These are called as FRIENDS by this world. But for me they are my life, my soul , my fragrance or say my BREATH.

How strange na!! when we are with these rascals(giggling :>), we never realize that one day their single thought would roll down tears from our eyes. Talking about me, i feel at the top of the world with them in their wonderful company. To be veracious I sleekly thank GOD for sending them to my life.

Indeed they are the Few Relations In Earth that Never Die.

With my prancing heart, I take pride to write out this blog for all my lovable friends who have left their imprints in my beachy life making it more beautiful. I dont feel gloomy for those who have stepped back, who showed their backs when I needed them, who took my one MAGUS away from me. Instead I eulogize them for being one of the best snapshots just even for a while. I heartedly thank them for fringing my Memory Lane with the ever-enjoyable and never-fading tapestry.

There is a lot more to share up but keeping in mind your patience to read me, I just put ....(some dots) to this blog.
I promise to come up with a new zeal and new enthusiasm and a better text next time. Keep blessing me with your friendship, the most sacred relation on this earth which I do worship with my pellucid heart. :-):-)