Thursday, February 3, 2011


Smile on one's face prompts other to smile back. Sometimes its a sign of merry, sometimes of a approval. It may be the result of some crap.But overall it makes us feel juvenile, more happy , more joyous.

Here I write down the first poem of my life. Though I don't know how exactly the verses are composed but I have tried my best.
Here it follows :-

Gone are those days,
When she dropped me to the way. {MOTHER}
My eyes were full of tears,
Her lips were full of cheers,
I clinged her wrist tight,
She pointed to the path right.
I turned back to see her for a while,
She waved me a good bye.
With heavy heart I stepped ahead,
With perturbed heart she drove back.

I entered under the same roof again,
She welcomed me with a smile. {FRIEND}
I gazed at her ring for a while.
She holded my hand
And made me seat.
I laid my heavy bag down,
Thinking of the pink clown,
Which I saw on the stage,
Spreading smile on everyones' face.

Suddenly a stick banged over desk,
I returned from clown to my bag.
Miss asked to open the Literature Reader,
I turned up the page to THE LOST CHILD.
She pointed to the girl next to me,
She stood up and started humming.

I didn't listen to her words,
And got lost to my clowny world.
How pretty his red nose looked,
How charming his big eyes moved,
But his wide smile seemed clowny,
Perhaps he had hidden his melancholy.
Still he continued to spread the smile,
To make masses alive across a few mile.

She pinched me to listen her,
I sailed back to the reader.
Still my heart pumped for him,
I waited for the bell to ring.

The school was over,
The children rushed over.
But I sat back,
Lost in the pack.

On the way to home,
I was not excited to meet my mom,
Just wished for his true smile.
I wished to meet him once again,
God listened me and shared my path with him.

The conical cap stood high amid the flock,
I pranced high in my frock.
Rushed to the clown crossing the palms,
But what I saw answered my soul.
The clowny smile of the clown,
Was all the game of dawn.
Dusk brought his mom ill,
Dusted the dawn with her veil.
She laid silent on the overhead cot,
Made my clown to carry the hot pot,
I cried a lot.

Clown taught me one thing,
Never show your sad face to this world,
If so, they will make fun of you.
Just wear a smile,
Hiding your pail of tears.
You will win one's heart,
Prizing you the king award.
So let the days pass by,
But dont let your smile to fade by.
So Make Smile everyone
To make A SMILE for you.

:-) :-)


  1. Vry touchin
    a gud lovly colectin of chilhood memories
    spreadin smils was d lesson f clown stories
    u get d clown right... Dint ur mam slapd u tight
    mom takin u skul was d most awsum part
    much to learn carry on vid ur art

  2. amazed by ur imaginatn... frst day f ma skul....jus gal was nt sitng beside me...:P
    n ur clown seems lyk anthropoid......;)
    jus lyk my clown........wid red red cheeks..........
    n a clowny smile.......

  3. ★.★.★.★.★..5 hai na pure...check it again...great job...

  4. only those who write poems know hw precious frst poem ics 4 the writer.
    this is gud
    it seems as if u still not writing ur heart out....derre is still feelings hidden in ur heart
    bt gud try
    keep it up

  5. yaar tu to bht creative h... chupa rustam!!!
    aaj se tu chidiya ni... "kaviraj"...

  6. @pushp : thnx.. but still not perfct lyk u...
    No, mam was so nyc.She always helped me in my Grey..

  7. @abhi : Ya, my clown is anthropoid.. exists on this earth.
    I'm sure the girl next to you would have automatically swapped to the back seat..:P hehehe ;)

  8. @kapil: Put your jaw back in place.. You don't look good without 32 teeths..lolz ;)

  9. @shreshtha: Ya, being my first poem..some errors may have crept in.. But will soon try to debug them..keep applauding me :)

  10. @kshyp: hehehe.. New name again.. thnx..
    Sir, M still far behind your fantabulous creativity..

  11. For a first effort it is very sweet.

    good luck with the smiles, I shall smile back at you for sure.

  12. @friko : thanx ma'am...
    I'll try to stand on the faith you have reposed in me..
    keep blessing :)

  13. Childhood memories are like treasure troves which can never be got rid off. I like this verse. It doesn't seem to be your maiden one.Kudos!

    1. It's indeed my maiden one. You can feel that first-poem-gush in it.Keep visiting sir! :)


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