Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Its a general tendency that we try to imitate others. We make futile efforts to embolden our image with THEIR raiment. But the truth is that each one of us is special in his own way. Had we all been alike, then how would you distinguish between your father and mother?? your friend and foe?? The whole world would just seem like a mirror, in which you would have seen just your own reflected image infinite times creating a chaos. At some point when we CHANGE ourselves according to the norms of others then it's found that at the rear end they were busy lauding our vision. So always stay the way you are. Here's a short verse to take you through MY VISION.

I perceived it as a cherry on the cake
But she said, a hat on a fat

I took it as an iridescent flash
But she said, a mere traffic signal bash

I admired it as God pouring his love
But he interrupted with showering of rain

I saw it as a mother embracing her child
But they cleared it as a pumpkin creeper over the wall

I pointed at a distant lantern
But they interpreted it as a shooting star

I took it as a credential
When they dusted it as a piece of paper

I tried to wipe away their tears
When they called it an onion cheer

I tried to trace straight
When they veered towards the steep

Now when I took their vision
They changed their perspective

Now what seems a concrete to me
Is a sacred temple for them

What seems just a sky to me
Is a way to fly through for them

What seems life to me
Is the only chance for them.

:o :o


  1. what is sacred for me is just a interaction for him......
    what he saw was only vision and what i saw was life in vision...
    chota muh badi bat

  2. Nice work..
    There are some lines where the reader might lose interest but afterwards you caught the attention.

    Otherwise its Awesome..:)


  3. beautiful use of words.....learned something new today....keep writing :-bd


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