Saturday, February 11, 2012


The delicate newbie
Made the advent
Togged in frilled white
Casted a spell in trice
Peeping through under the pile
Of clothes bloating over her
Took her as immaculate naive
Hankered her as a protagonist
Eclectic rapport sweeped along
Taking both amidst plethora of smiles
Moping the floor daily
Feeding with good tongue
Became the new duo-visage
Sharing all blues and greys
Got fastened through limelight
But the light dispersed up wrong
Instead right for me
Unveiling the wicked face
Behind the fancied pose
Taking away all the best
Leaving behind the crooked worst
Snatching my yesteryear treasure
Plundered me of my never-fading smile
Plighting with a faded flower
Still hoping she will come one night
To return me my me
Wishing not in vain.