Sunday, May 13, 2012


I believe you believe in me
For  I always tried to follow your set-path.
Can never think of hurting you even a slight
For I can't bear to be a reason for your plight.
Would choose to embrace death
Than to be a reason to your tears.

Your smile mesmerizes me  in the real as well as dreams
So heavenly solace I find in your happiness
That is impossible to find anywhere else.
I promise to give you loads of smiles
At the cost of all Baconian pain
To dunk you in the shower of
Rejoicing happiness till the end
Has become my only aim till my end.

Assisting me from my very first breath
I promise to hold your hand at every breath.
Waking up daily in the wee hours to prepare lunch for me
Running around with the glass of milk
Was your care and love I realize now.
Breaking the stone-hard chapatis in the mess
Yearning hard for the late night coffee at my study-table today,
I miss that one chapati in the casserole left for me
With your words echoing loud in my ears
"Energy is needed to run every machine
So fuel yourself properly."

Giving up your celebrations for my studies,
Collecting every penny for CAMBRIDGE,
Serving me light to combat food-poisoning,
Steaming rice and chilling the curd hours before my arrival,
Are the few things I cherish today and indebted to forever.

Holding my hands to draw "A" once,
Today also you stand beside me to write  my best.
Celebrating my winning together,
Boosting me to outperform the last failure,
Is the best support I always get from you.
Instructing me each time I appear for exams
Wishing me even in the INTERNALS
Was what I felt amused at.
Always praying for my win
I think you sign into a deal with God
Everytime I go to battlefield.
I proudly say today all my accolades are indeed won by you.

The start of my every birthday  morning with your kiss and blessings
Was I missed the most during these four  years.
I wish this year the day becomes special just with your presence.
Buying me a new frilled frock each time
You smiled in your old drape which I hated always.

Now I am a grown-up in my twenties
But still your "6th class girl"
And soon this girl is going to endow you
All the happiness and comfort which you have dreamt of through my eyes.
I am working hard for the D-DAY
When all my plans for your smile will come true
And you will embrace  me calling sweetly " MERA RAJA BETA".


P.S. ‘I am writing a Tribute to Mom in association with


  1. i liked the last line............:P
    every single line shows ur luv for muma. Very Touching.
    she wil b proud of you.
    mera raja beta...........hahaha

  2. yes!!! i'm muma's raja beta!! :P

  3. hehe u r also dady's raja beta............:P

  4. this post manifest love and respect RAJA BETA has in his heart for her mother.......its your best blog surbhi.....may god make all your wishes come true

  5. Hiyo !! For mothers kids never grow. So, you're still a kid...every line of the post displays your love with great verve and nerve :))
    Good to see you after a long time...

  6. Very beautiful... every line is heartfelt.
    Hope you live up beyond your mum's expectations..


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