Monday, June 18, 2012


The elusive bond  a father and a daughter shares cannot be described in a vignette. The cherubic and inexplicable affection a father holds for his lovely daughter can be read only by the little acts he does persistently to make her feel like the princess. And the darling daughter when stands strong defeating her tears to fortify his repute depicts however gallant her prince may be but still her father is the BRAVEST KING she knows.

God blessed him to bless his own child.
He is sincerely shouldering his responsibility
Since the day she embarked on his huge ship.
Endearing her with the marine comforts,
He has been spending restless nights
And is continuing till tonight.

Standing still at the seashore
Holding the little moppet in his strong arms
He has been struggling through the waves
Pacifying the wild waves to his feet.

Collecting the sea-shells at dawn
Selling them till the dusk
To buy a doll for her doll
Pictures his sea-like endless love for her.

He often goes to measure the boundaries of sea
And she sits behind gazing at the vast sea.
He returns with the precious stones for her little girl
Leaving her shouting in bewilderment.

A day came when a blonde sailor sailed the girl away
Father climbed the highest for her last sight
She looked back sobbingly averring
You are the best sailor, DAD!!!
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  1. I was able to effortlessly imagine the scenes as I read through this. Beautiful! :)

  2. A good writer is that only who takes the reader with him/her to his fantasy world. Thank-you. :)

  3. Vry nice...i really waz able to visualize d thng u wanted to say or myt b runnin in ur mind while writin dis...

  4. Thank- you Priyansh for stopping by my post :)

  5. I was quite baffled by the poetic use of well-chosen words....I think you are one of the more talented but less recognized bloggers in the circuit...There's so much to learn from you...following you.

    PS- Got your blog link from Anukriti's blog 'My memoirs of mesmerizing memories'.
    PPS- My blog, in case you wanna visit would be 'Through my Eyes' though I'm planning to change the name to 'Some Bedtime Stories'.
    Link is

  6. I'm glad Ritesh that you got to know my url through Miss Anukriti. Yeah!!! I'm amongst the hidden faces. Hope with the wishes of readers like you, I find my name in BOLD. :) :P

  7. Worry not, your time will come too :)

  8. Beautiful!How I missed your posts so far?

  9. Just a matter of chance. :P
    Well!!! I'm a newbie to your world and hope my feeds will satiate your prose-craze. :)


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