Thursday, January 1, 2015

A New Hope

The vapors from the Coffee mug were visible against the dark painted wall.The room appeared hollow,devoid of any noise,destitute of any aroma,no chattering suspended in the air, no naughtiness peeking from behind the doors. Silence sitting in the royal space like a queen restricted all the lively motions.The dangling curtain dared to sway around in a vague attempt to fill the void.But the queen's supremacy reigned.The living room appeared free of any clutter.Yet occupied by the empty sofa and innocence staring from above it.The still pictures which captured the splattering moments were the only alive frames whose warmth kept Mehak going. She missed Aditya everyday, from the moment he parted away. She had always hooked to hope after every despair. Whenever she felt like quitting, it was Aditya who gave her hope to strive and thrive. Her own trace left her six months back, whom she had loved earnestly.Every nook of the house had imbibed his imprints. The entire house echoed with his laughter even when no one was there except her.The killing silence made her feel dizzy.She went out to breathe easy. The newly bloomed flowers in the lobby spread their fragrance making the morning fresh and pleasant. A paper peeking from the letter box caught Mehak's sight. She went to pick it out. The envelope carried a familiar handwriting addressed to her. She tore apart the envelope to pull the letter enclosed in it. Her heart palpitated. Her hands trembled to hold the letter. Her eyes went moist and she breathed with mouth to ease her choked nose. 

Its a new sun today. A new hope has shone today. I wish you a promising and fulfilling new year ahead. I know you are missing me and awaiting my arrival. I'm also missing you badly. I'm missing papa also. As you say, he twinkles every night to see me. Today I waited for the morning  to mark a new beginning and am waiting for tonight to meet papa in a new year. I will soon be there to hug you. You are my strong mumma. I Love you. You know I will give my annual exams for class five on Monday. After that I will be home. Please make my favourite pudding. And yes don't cry under the pillow. I hate it when you cry. I promise I will become an army officer like papa. And mother of an army officer should not cry. When I will come in vacations ,we will go to Garden also and will go for a long drive also and will click lot of snaps. As Papa used to say, "Keep hopes alive. A better tomorrow awaits you." So with all the good wishes and hopes of happiness, Happy New Year.

Loads of Love Mumma




  1. The story turned to a different and positive end. You have chosen words very wisely, and the emotions- Need I say anything about them :) The message given is not just beautiful but to be remembered as well. Thank you for writing the story! :) Go on.

    1. Thank-you Aditi. I just wrote it in a go with no plot in mind. And it came out this way. Glad that you liked it. :)

  2. Beautifully written Surbhi! Glad you ended it with a year and new beginnings indeed!


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