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Journey from ‘OR’ to ‘AND’ - Arunima Singh

Sometimes we feel so harassed by life that every moment feels so heavy. We assuage our mind that we cant take it any more. And our brain complies. The world seems no more fit for us and we don't want to get dragged anymore.

If you are also feeling it's the time to quit. You can't take life this way any more. You have thought of myriad ideas to quit and are about to execute one. Please hold on. Let me narrate you a real story which will for sure give you goosebumps and compel you to take back your decision. You might feel you are the only one on this earth who is facing problems, who is stuck into the worst, who can never surface to normal life again. But my dear, you are not the ONLY ONE. Meet the brave, enthusiastic, energetic and very lively lady, Arunima Sinha. 

Arunima Sinha, just an another girl born in Uttar Pradesh, as the neighbors would have looked upon her. She was just a girl. But her faith in herself and her passion allowed her to be called 'AND a national-level Volleyball Player.' She wasn't satisfied with this one AND. She went on to chase ball in the field. She added one more sequin to her personality, 'AND a football player.' 

Arunima Sinha - the brave Lady.

She never held back herself in the patriarchal society. She wanted to be independent and responsible. She aspired to join CISF (Central Industrial Security Force). She prepared well for the exam and was all set to fly through. But a dark cloud was hovering over her. She was assaulted by a gangster group in the train she had boarded to reach the exam center. She stood against them resisting to give in. No one in the coach came forward to help her. She stood alone to combat like a warrior. The gangsters had set their eyes on her gold chain. When she got engaged in a tussle with them, the group threw her out of the running train. Yes, she was thrown out. Before she could get hold of herself, she saw another train approaching towards her. The train passed over her. Yes, the wheels rolled over her flesh. She lied there numb and bleeding profusely. The black date was 11 April, 2011.  

The spectators turned mute towards her life. Several trains passed on the tracks beside her. She felt the vibrations of each train arriving and departing. By the time she was taken to hospital, it was late, too late. The hospital didn't had blood units to operate on her. But she was alive. She was full of life. She didn't want to die this early. She asked the doctors to operate her. No anesthesia was available. She was ready to bear the pain to see more of the life. Her spirit made the hospital staff donate blood units to her. The pain of letting go her leg, her important body part on which she ran in the field, she jumped in the court, she danced, she walked with gleeful gait was unbearable. The pain sent shivers down her cord and  the detachment shook her heart. Moreover, to worsen her state, media just cooked up the entire mishap as Arunima's attempt to suicide. How would she have felt when she got to hear this news. Mental pain is the most severe. Filled with Anguish and Agony, Arunima resolved to answer the world with her actions.

This accident didn't deter her determination. So what if her leg was amputated, from normal she became differently abled, but her spirit didn't retire. She decided to reach Everest summit. Yes, she was ridiculed at such a weird dream. People advised her to sit back instead of boosting her morale. No one but her brother held her hand to pursue her dream. She contacted Bachendri Pal, the first Indian woman to climb Mt. Everest. Pal mentored Sinha. She enrolled for the mountaineering course in Nehru Institute of Mountaineering, Uttarkashi. She fervently started her course and as a rehearsal for the ascent of Everest, she made it to Island Peak (6150m) in 2012. 


On April 1, 2013, she started climbing towards her dream. With the good wishes of friends and family and mentor Bachendri's faith, she reached the summit of Mount Everest. Yes, the lady climbed to the highest peak at 10.55 am on 21 May 2013 writing history in the snow. Arunima Sinha became the first female amputee to climb Mount Everest.

I have done it!!!

She believes whatever one dreams is attainable. Nothing but you only have the power to turn around the situation and let the world salute you. On her way down from the peak, her oxygen cylinder exhausted. But her spirit didn't. The fellow Sherpa was afraid if she will live to recite her triumph story. But as they say, 'God helps those who help themselves' and just like a miracle or a co-incidence, one mountaineer dropped down his spare cylinder as he was not able to carry it on the steep slope. A ray of hope, the source of her survival emerge. She completed her entire summit and emerged victorious. Because according to her every NO is just an excuse to escape from accomplishment. World remembers only victors and yes, she emerged as a Victor.

AND, she is an author. She has jotted down her inspirational story under the title "Born again on the mountain", launched by Prime minister Narendra Modi in December 2014. 

I recommend you all to watch her speaking of her encounter with the iffy life. Please don't miss this video. I bet you will feel the difference after watching this. Your outlook towards life might change and you will become a more better and confident person to take hold of your very own life. 

Rise! Shine!

Don't just surrender!!!


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  1. Update- Arunima Sinha is amongst the names who will be receiving Padma Awards given in honour of contributions in wide-ranging pursuits,on this Republic Day, 26 January 2015. Heartiest congratulations Ma'am. You deserve this. Salute to your spirit!!!


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