Sunday, March 29, 2015

Look Up Story !

It is almost two years since we met. Everything was beautiful, everything seemed colorful. Happiness blushed and laughter accompanied. All appeared vibrant and cheerful. The different hues of a happy perfect life unfolded and splattered us with the joyous moments of never-ending days and nights. As the old had said, love makes life beautiful. Ours had indeed turned into super beautiful. From morning rush to look more charming than yesterday to awaited twilight to count stars in each others' eyes set butterflies each day. So enticing, so bewitching never appeared the regular life. But suddenly this regular had turned into a roller-coaster ride charging us up each day. All wondered how can they be at cupid's target. Even we too wondered but the arrow had struck and we were wounded in love. Flying in the sky, weaving dreams together, we lived together in a whole new world where everything seemed possible because we were together and felt the immense power of two. The duo was admired for their mutual understanding and trust, the two essential pillars of a relationship. 

Unfortunately, came an earthquake and the pillars got shattered. A little doubt, a bit of insecurity and one's ego shook the pillar. The roller-coaster ride all of a sudden came to a halt. The morning rush turned drab and evenings became lifeless. The power of two broke down. Both broke down, shattered into pieces looking at the half-broken pillars. Both of them wanted their 'togetherness' back but none wanted to remove the debris. It's often in darkness, a ray of light find its way. The overwhelming social media buzzing with daily feeds of love and breakups occupied their brains. Just then their common trait became their saviour. The Badshaah was the favourite of both. It's often when we are depressed and sunk into gloomy dark room, the history of someone we admire serves as a motivation to us. It was SRK's birthday. News channel were crying loud of his success and his famous love story. No success became a hinderance, no religion came in way, it was just their love which won all the way. They gave a thought if it has happened back then at the old time, why can't they be together now. They buckled up to remove the debris, erect the pillars in place and be together to be TOGETHER forever. 

Sometimes little stories and faith in something better are the ones you need to look up to rise high and rejuvenate the dragging life into a happy running life.

This post is written for activity organised for housing.

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