Monday, March 30, 2015

Start a New Life

"You are a dumbo. Don't even know the solution of this simple problem", shouted my teacher. All my classmates chuckled under their notebooks. I felt very bad.

"You can't even take care of your clothes. Look how dirty they look and bad they smell", complained my mother. I became upset.

"Can't you see. It was nearly an accident", yelled the stranger with a bald head. I pondered if I took wrong turn.

"Give me a break, dude. Your ideas are so boring", my manager was furious to hear me.

"Are you alive?", enquired my friend.

No, I'm half dead. I wanted to shriek out. Everyone on the earth finds me stupid, dumb, boring and even doubt on my existence. What the hell. I can't be like others. Super intelligent, quick, witty, cool, fast and flexible. No, I can't. Yes, I tried but it was suffocating. I cant fake it for not more than one day. I'm slow. I'm not autistic but you can consider me so. I have grown up listening to downcast comments of friends and foes, knowns and unknowns. And now I have turned deaf to all of them.

I have often thought if I'm normal, if I'm kindred to them. For me, I'm perfect, then why to give a hell thought to those who don't find me akin to them. Take a chill pill, let the world think what they want to and let me start afresh to leave them agape in awe of my new life. I convinced myself.

The new sun brought a new day in my life. I practiced to speak. Just like a Nursery kid, I started all over again. I was my own coach, my own mentor. I repeated words again and again to throw them out at one go. Initially I stammered heavily. I practiced more. Demosthenes became my role model. I didn't put stones in my mouth like him. But I pushed my potential to the edge. I was determined to make people hear me, my views and opinions. I struggled with my throat, made it comfortable to accommodate vowels and consonants. I rehearsed my own name like a child in front of the mirror. At first I used to broke down. How useless am I, I can't speak my own name. But I overcame this low and grim feeling by rehearsing my name with confidence looking into my own eyes. It's a different feeling to see yourself rising from a timid guy to a confident man daily. Talking to your own reflection and working on all the imperfections made me fall in love with myself more and more. 

I was changed. I changed for better. And I was happy to change. I overcame my fear and took up the prolonged task of grooming up myself into a confident guy. I began a new life. It was a fresh start. I can now talk without hesitating. I don't cringe now when I have to convey my thoughts. Confidently I present my thoughts through well formed words. Well may be the spirit of Demosthenes was with me instilling optimism in me. Who knows !!!
Anything and everything is possible. You can die twice, you can live twice. It's all upto you to start afresh beating behind all the grey odds and welcoming vibrant, cheerful life. 

This post is written for an activity by Housing.

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