Saturday, July 15, 2017

The light from a burning bridge

The quietly staring midnight moon 
From behind the turquoise drapes 
Sends the sneaking silver ray 
Reminding me of the last May

From the hamlet across the bridge 
You drew a perfect narrow ridge
To see the waning moon
Lying with the stars
Whilst sitting on the grass

Oh so beautiful the bridge it was
With the locks chained till far
The padlocks on both the sides
Made it a scene so blithe

The bridge couldn't carry the fetters
It burnt to burn the shackles
The padlocks jibbed wildly
With the fire engulfing wholly

The intense light from the burning bridge
Lit up the hamlet across the bridge
With the shimmering narrow ridge
The locks shrieked a clinking pitch

It's the best light cried the hamlet
Only to find the bridge burnt half
The padlocks clinkered half
The light rendered from the half

Half it burnt to burn again
For the best light?
Or half it burnt to level again
To mount the best light?